MemoriesCable Will Charge Your Devices And Back-Up Your Photos Concurrently

Convergence is a trend that we’ve been seeing in technology for nearly a decade now. The thing is, it doesn’t always work out in a way that’s predictable and obvious. That being Read More

Dot Is The Best Bluetooth Headset We’ve Seen Yet

If you’re tired of looking like some kind of cyborg or pretentious wantrepreneur when you’re talking on the phone then maybe its time to get Dot. Dot is the world’s smallest Bluetooth Read More

CydeKick Will Let You Charge Your Device While You Ride Your Bike

Isn’t it about time that you did more with your bicycle than just exercise? Well now thanks to Spinetics , you can. CydeKick (The name of Spinetics’ product) is a self-powered bicycle Read More

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Everspace, From The Creators Of Galaxy on Fire, Is Seeking Crowdfunding

Ever play Galaxy on Fire? The hit space trading and combat simulation video game series is getting a new spiritual successor in Everspace. That is, if the Kickstarter community decides to rally behind Read More

Tap Into The Solargrid Right Now With SunPort

Want to use 100% clean solar power but don’t want to invest in an expensive panel? SunPort, a new Kickstarter project has the solution for you. The company’s power adapter makes real Read More

Render Eating Food Obsolete With Soylent 2.0

Remember Soylent? No, not the one made out of people. We’re talking about the food replacement product which seems to aim to “liberate” us from the tediousness of actually having to choose Read More

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Sony Hopes That The Xperia M5 Will Wind Up In Your Pocket

Just because Sony hasn’t had a smartphone success in what seems like years doesn’t mean that the former Japanese consumer electronics behemoth is going to stop trying. After spinning off its Vaio Read More

Access Windows 10’s Cortana Whenever With Your Own Cortana Button

If you’ve bought into Microsoft’s vision of a Cortana-assisted future, then you’re going to want to spend the $23 in order to get your own Bluetooth Cortana button. Why? Well the truth Read More

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