Elder Scrolls Online Is Now On Xbox One and Ps4

Brace yourselves Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers! You too can now adventure in the world of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, now out on both consoles. Now you may have Read More

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Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With Vinli

We’ve seen smart ovens, thermostats, frying pans, tooth brushes, and even smart insoles. But where does your car fit into that equation? Everything seems to be becoming more intelligent and connected except Read More

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Finally! You Can Get A Personalized Listening Experience With Aumeo

Wouldn’t it be great if your audio experience was personalized? Think about it, everyone’s ears are different and we all have different hearing sensitivity. A company called Aumeo is actually taking the Read More

Mercedes Wants To Power Your Home

Looks like Tesla might not be the only company trying to sell you batteries that will power your home. Another electric car manufacturer, Daimler (the German conglomerate behind Mercedes-Benz) is now planning Read More

Check Out Tesla’s New Model S 70D

Tesla has a new base-level sedan and its packing a whole lot of power. The new, all-wheel drive Model S 70D features a second motor in the front of the vehicle which Read More

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Mac OS X ‘El Capitan’ Is Here

Check your calendar. We’re in the midst of WWDC 2015 and that can only mean one thing: there’s a new version of Mac OS X which has been announced. The new OS Read More

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Siri Takes On Google Now With ‘Proactive Assistant’ Feature

Siri just got an upgrade. In order to better compete with Google Now, everyone’s favorite personal assistant will now able to offer ‘proactive assistance’ as part of iOS 9. What exactly does Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse Gets Third DLC Expansion

Whether you’re a DBZ fan or not, Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse may just be this year’s most ambitious fighting games. If you’ve been holding out on getting this great game, then you Read More