LG Releases A Truly Unique Smartphone Design In AKA

Ever feel that smartphone design has gotten stale over the years? Ever since the release of the original iPhone, it seems like nearly every new phone we see is the same uninspiring Read More

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Bike Anywhere With The Widerun Virtual Reality Biking System

Using a stationary bike is boring. Without the feeling of motion, you’ll undoubtedly feel time go by more slowly than when you use a real bike. Still, when it’s winter time you Read More

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Adappt Lets You Use Any Band With The Apple Watch

Turned off by the restrictions that Apple has placed on the sorts of bands you can use with the Apple Watch? There are only 6 of them and they’re pretty darn expensive. Read More

Meet The New Lumia 430 – a $70 Smartphone Running Windows

Microsoft is aggressively pursuing the low-end smartphone space today with its Lumia 430. Retailing for just over $70, this is definitely the most affordable Lumia smartphone to date and perhaps one of Read More

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Improve Your Walking Posture With Arki

Walking isn’t as simple as you think. Although you’ve been doing it your whole life, you probably aren’t walking properly. By wearing Arki, you could correct your improper walking posture and start Read More

Exercise While Working or Playing With TAO

Did you know that studies show that incorporating exercise while working could actually help you live a longer and healthier life? It’s true, and now with TAO it’s actually something which could Read More

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Get Your Own Personalized Weather Report With Bloomsky

Let’s face it, local weather forecasts suck. Most of the time you can probably do a better job than your local Meteorologist by just looking out your window. But there has to Read More

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Haloband Lets You Wirelessly Interface With Your Smartphone

Want to feel like you’ve got telekinetic powers? Haloband is a step in the right direction. Haloband is well a wristband which allows you to wirelessly control your smartphone. Just tap your Read More

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