Can A Humble Alarm Clock Bring Back The Old Sony?

Remember when Sony was innovative? It may seem hard to believe to some of our younger readers but Sony used to be this insanely huge behemoth that dominated the world of consumer Read More

PlayStation TV Is Worth A Buy

Last year Sony debuted its PlayStation TV, an effort to compete with the likes of Apple TV, and Roku. So far, Sony hasn’t managed to dominate the world of set-top boxes but Read More

$99 Buy

Stand Apart From The Pack With CyberPower’s Fang Trinity

Tired of expressing your gamer identity with LED lights and insanely huge cases? Gaming PC manufacturer CyberPower PC is hoping you are. That’s why they’ve released a truly unique looking PC called Read More

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This Is BMW’s Flagship 7 Series Sedan

BMW’s 7 series has long served as the standard-bearer for BMW’s vision of the future. Now, BMW’s flagship sedan is finally getting the redesign it needs for a connected age. The next Read More

$74000 Buy

NAO Wants To Be Your Cute Robot Pal

Personal robotics is more than just the stuff of nerds who watch too many sci-fi flicks. Its 2015 and the thought of having a robot assistance is becoming increasingly tangible. On the Read More

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Look Taller And More Confident With Tallboy Shoes

Want to be more confident? Make more money? According to numerous scientific studies, adding a couple of inches to your height can help you make more money (around $789 per year) due Read More

Adobe Lightroom 6 Is Finally Here

Photographers and photo editors rejoice, Lightroom 6 is finally here. Available as both part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (under the name Lightroom CC) and as standalone software, this version of Read More

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Add An e-Ink Display To Your Smartphone With popSLATE

Smart cases for smartphones seem to be somewhat of a trend now. While we’ve seen a number of interesting concepts so far, the one smart case that stands above the rest is Read More