Can’t Wait For Mass Effect? Play Technomancer Instead!

Bioware, what’s wrong with you? By the time that Mass Effect: Andromeda is released next year it’ll be over 4 years since we last blasted off into space on an epic space Read More

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You Can Now Own Your Own R2-D2 Mini-Fridge

Your dream of owning your own R2-D2 droid has finally come true. A Japanese (of course it’s Japanese!) company has created the world’s first astromech mini-fridge which is fully capable of bringing Read More

Who’s Down Is A Status Indicator For Your Best Buds

If you’re a social butterfly then knowing who’s down to hang out and who’s busy can become a bit of a chore. Every weekend you might finding yourself sending (often unanswered) text Read More

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Raymio Is A Wearable Which Will Protect You From UV Rays

Skin cancer is a very real threat and chances are that you aren’t taking then necessary precautions in order to ward it off. Unless you’re of very fair skin, chances are that Read More

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Zami Smart Is The World’s First Smart Stool

What if we told you that you aren’t sitting down correctly? Unless you’re sitting perfectly straight all the time then chances are that your spinal alignment is all out of whack. The Read More

This Is The Only Hoodie You’ll Ever Need To Own

Are you a hoodie aficionado? Do you get mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg from time to time just due to the sheer number of hoodies that you own and wear? If you’ve answered Read More

James Bond Is At His Best In Spectre

Let’s face it, the James Bond film franchise was basically dead before Daniel Craig stepped in and injected some much needed freshness into the films. Blonde Bond, as he was once known, Read More

Meet Wove, The World’s First Flexible Wrist-Mounted Computer

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your iPad and snap it over your wrist like some kind of snap bracelet? That’s exactly what the folks behind Wove have done with Read More

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