The Dell XPS 13 Should Be Your Windows Laptop

Featuring a stunning edge-to-edge display, Dell’s new XPS 13 was definitely one of the big winners of last month’s Consumer Electronics Show. While last year’s model improved the previous XPS 13’s screen, Read More

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Toshiba Takes Aim At Google Glass

Google Glass is dead. Long live Toshiba Glass! That’s right, the Tokyo-based giant recently showed off its take on augmented reality glasses at last month’s CES. Unlike Google Glass, which functions by Read More

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Keep Your Good Looks Longer With Oku

Want healthier and youthful looking skin? Oku is here to help by literally looking under your skin, analyzing it, and providing you with detailed information on how your skin is faring. Oku Read More

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Keep Tabs On Fido With Petcube

Feeling the first spams of separation anxiety at the thought of leaving your pet behind? Don’t sweat it. Petcube has your back. Petcube is a black and silver wide angle camera that Read More

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Check Out The Air2 Levitating Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers

How do magnets work? The question has been plaguing humanity for centuries and now you too can harness the power of magnets for a mesmerizing visual and audio experience. How? With Air2 Read More

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Angel Is One Of The Most In-Depth Health Trackers We’ve Ever Seen

For those looking to live better and healthier lives comes Angel, a wristband which monitors your pulse, temperature, fitness activity and even your blood oxygen level. Much like other fitness bands, users Read More

This Is The Affordable Electric Bike You’ve Been Waiting For

Finally! There’s an electronic bike for the rest of us. Meet Storm eBike, an affordable and versatile electric bike powered by a 380 watt motor and featuring all-terrain tires. The eBike weighs Read More

FishBit Is The Ultimate Gadget For Your Aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium can be a bit of a chore. You have to take care of the pH, temperature, salinity, lighting, pumps, and so much more. Luckily with FishBit, aquarium maintenance and Read More