Get The Midas Touch With Orbit1

Everything looks better in gold. If you’ve ever wanted to be like the mythical King Midas and have everything you touch turn into gold then you should probably look into getting your Read More

Become A Real-Life Cyborg With The M31 Magnet Implant

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to control metal like X-Men’s Magneto then you need to listen up. Magnetic implants which promise users the ability to move small metal objects, sense Read More

$49 Buy

Meet Thync, The Future Digital Drug That Will Alter Your Mood

Tech has progressed to the point where even the most sci-fi ideas now seem like they’re within our grasp. One product which stands aside from the rest in its revolutionary potential is Read More

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Interface With Your Gadgets By Implanting An xNT NFC Chip Into Your Hand

Becoming a real life cyborg is finally within our grasp. Thanks to the biohacking movement, tens of thousands of folks all over the world are augmenting their abilities to do more than just Read More

$99 Buy

Pulse Play Is A Fitness Tracker For Racket Sports

The wearable tech space is getting so crowded that it’s hard to keep track of who precisely is manufacturing fitness trackers these days. In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded Read More

Elon Musk Wants You To Have A Battery-Powered Home

Elon Musk wants to change the world, that much has been clear to anyone who’s even casually followed the rockstar entrepreneur’s meteoric rise. With PayPal he wanted to democratize digital payment, with Read More

Vensmile’s W10 Mini PC Is The Perfect HTPC

Steve Jobs was dead-wrong about the future of computing. We’re not in some “post-PC era” and tablets don’t appear to be the future. We’re simply in an era of transition, where a Read More

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Google+ Rolls Out Pinterest Competitor With Its Collections Feature

The rumors of Google+’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Google is actually doubling down on its troubled social network with a new feature that actually adds functionality similar to that of Pinterest. Read More

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