The K8500 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player Lets You Watch Movies In Glorious 4K

Blu-ray has been around for nearly a decade now so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the next version of physical storage is already being released. If you’re not already aware, then you Read More

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Star Wars Fan? You’ll Want To Own This Fantastic BB-8 Toy

Years from now future generations of humans will undoubtedly remember George Lucas not as a great film maker but rather as a great businessman. That’s right, Lucas’ crowning achievement wasn’t creating three Read More

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Fusion Guitar Is The Next Step In Electric Guitar Evolution

Electric guitars haven’t really changed all that much in the past 50 years. While the last 5 decades have seen the rise of computers, the internet and smartphones, the modern electric guitar Read More

HAIKU Wants To Be Your Computerized Bike Assistant

No one can deny that smartphones have changed the way we do things. Our phones can do everything from track the steps that we take and the calories we consume to help Read More

Find Out Why You Need To Own This Travel Jacket

Last weekend this travel jacket became the most crowdfunded piece of clothing ever. So what makes this jacket so hot? Simple, not only does it look really nice but its also a Read More

Toshiba’s Satellite Radius 12 Is The Best Laptop We Saw At IFA 2015

Ready for 4K laptops? Toshiba is willing to bet that you are. That’s why they’re releasing a brand new hybrid laptop computer which features a simply gorgeous 4K touchscreen display. The new Read More

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LG’s Watch Urbane Just Got a 23-Karat Makeover

Do you like a nice gold watch? Are you Kim Kardashian-level ostentatious? If you’ve answered yes to any of these two questions and you’re looking for a smartwatch then forget about the Read More

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Tado° Cooling Intelligent AC Controller Is A Must-Have For Warm Weather

Tado° may be making waves by lowering your heating bill, but did you know that their tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control product can save you money on your cooling bill as well? Read More