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Meridian Audio Drops Explorer, A USB-Stick Sound System

With all the different dongles and knickknacks wandering about on the technological landscape, one commonality remains present — big tech is getting smaller and smaller. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Meridian Audio’s Explorer, a USB-sized device that plugs in to your computer’s drive and proceeds to blow its sound card out of the water. Explorer replaces your computer’s card with a USB-powered DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) featuring Meridian’s high quality audio circuitry and design derived from Meridian’s award-winning Reference Series components, along with a powerful headphone amplifier with on-board analogue volume control. It plays nice with pretty Read More

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Celltack: The First Wearable Smartphone Dock

Celltack is a fun new docking system that will work with a large number of the most popular smartphones and mp3 players, according to the founders behind its now ongoing Indiegogo campaign. Billed as the first wearable docking system, the Celltack can be worn around your finger, thus enabling you to perform a wide variety of functions without compromising your basic mobility. There are currently 13 days left on the crowdfunding drive, and you can pick your Celltack up for $29. Also, the company is working on the armband version (for you fitness nuts), a bike mount, and a mobile Read More

Wash Back Hair Away With Painless Brazilian Back

Not mentioning any names here, but we’ve all got friends who wish they were less hairy in the back department. It can become a source of embarrassment and frustration, causing them to always play as Shirts in the Shirts-and-Skins game and making them think twice about going shirtless in front of that special someone they’re trying to impress. Brazilian Back is a new system that tackles this issue head-on, allowing one to remove all back hair in six to eight minutes painlessly. First, apply the Brazilian Back Cream to the application garment; next, apply the garment to your back; and Read More

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Flex-Fuel Kit Could Cut Gas Costs By 40 Percent

From Lyon, France, the E85 Ethanol Conversion Kit is here to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by as much as 40 percent. It accomplishes this by converting your actual gasoline car into a Flex-Fuel vehicle, so you can run your car on Ethanol E85. Over the next 60 days, the kit is being sold through Indiegogo. For the price we have listed, it comes with one LED polarity tester, one user manual and 10 nylon cable quick fasteners. Americans and others outside the EU will need to add another $35 for shipping. The makers promise their kit is Read More

BrewNanny Makes Home Brewing Easy

Been wondering when someone would finally get with the times and bring high-tech to home brewing? Well, wonder no more. The BrewNanny is up and running on Kickstarter as we speak, and home brewers should be impressed with what this baby can do. BrewNanny can monitor your fermentation rate, temperature and even the light level inside your batch, sending instant alerts if something doesn’t look right so you can respond and act before things go south. It will notify you of home power outages and allow you to check brew health around-the-clock via web or smartphone. It also connects you Read More

Sony Digital Paper: All Docs In One Place

One of the biggest regrets in life is that I waited until this year to start getting rid of my paper trail. While I anticipate a much easier tax season for 2014 thanks to the decision, I also fully expect hell-on-earth over the next two weeks as I attempt to ready my important deductions and reports for the accountant. If you’ve yet to go digital with your paper trail, you may want to start with Sony’s Digital Paper, an elegant new device that allows you to annotate, share, and save your documents — and not just those pertinent to tax Read More

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The Great Foodini: A Commercial Gourmet … Printer!?

Recently, we took a look at the 2-by-2-by-1-inch Chocabyte, a $99 3D printer that enables you to print your own edible chocolate shapes. Delicious, yes, but limited and not as far-reaching as Foodini, the latest 3DP Kickstarter to grace our pages. With Foodini, you can create sweet and savory dishes in an almost Jetsons-like manner. Foodini is the first 3D food printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. Designed for home and professional kitchens, it comes with empty food capsules. You then prepare and place fresh, real ingredients inside and let it do Read More

Need A Vacay? Why Not Ukraine!

If you can put together several thousand dollars and the brass cajones to wade into a revolution, then have we got a deal for you! is offering a special tour of the Ukraine from April 5th through the 13th. “It will be an amazing opportunity to see how the protest movement turned into a revolution and to see the dynamics inside the country amid the fallout from Russia’s occupation of the Crimea,” the website notes, adding that a “leading Russian journalist and commentator” will serve as tour leader and Political Tours Director, Nicholas Wood, will be on hand “to Read More

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