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10 Gadgets for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Kinekt Gear Ring

Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen

In the world of the multi-gadget, it may seem boring to you to have an object that only does one thing; however, minimalism can result in a product that is more direct and superior in the one thing it does than any all-in-one could ever be. Such is the case with the Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen, now available starting at $45 on Kickstarter. When the Nexus pen was designed, the goal was to uncover the essence of the writing instrument, to simplify it, keeping only that which was strictly necessary, in order to obtain the purest writing experience possible. The Read More

The Blacksmith Genesis Rotary 3D Printer

Just launched on Indiegogo, The Blacksmith Genesis is one of the world’s first rotary 3D printers. Unlike most printers, the Blacksmith Genesis uses a rotary platform which allows it to scan and print 3D objects without having to create it from scratch. It also has a relatively high build volume up to 6650cm³ while staying considerably compact in comparison to other printers in this range. On top of that, our unique ‘Remote Live Monitoring’ feature means you can monitor your print progress anywhere on your mobile device. You can pick one up today for the price of $1,395. Word of Read More

The Anchor, ‘Only Men’ Bracelet

A bracelet for men? Sure, why the heck not! Isn’t so bad when the final product looks as appropriate as the Anchor, “Only Men” Bracelet now available on Kickstarter. The creators of this campaign acknowledge that men don’t have a great choice when it comes to these types of accessories, but that was the exact impetus for creating something that broke down the barriers. With Anchor, the creators have combined vegetable tanned leather with a solid brass anchor and a finish of plated gold and silver for a little extra shine. They also give you the option to choose different Read More

National Rum Day, 8-16-14: 4 Awesome Recipes

National Rum Day is August 16 (this Saturday), and since we’re the celebratory types, we decided it was time for a new run of cocktail recipes. Each of these drinks feature the new Captain Morgan White Rum, which is slightly sweet with a taste of lush fruit. Perfect for these hot summer weekends, at home, beach, or lake. Let’s get started! White And Pineapple, Splash Of Soda (Pictured Above) 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum 5 oz. pineapple juice 1 oz. soda Instructions: Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in the rum. Top with the pineapple juice and splash Read More

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Priority Bicycles: Maintenance-Free, Cycling Made Easy

Priority Bicycles take the standard bike to the next level with an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-ride, transport that requires no regular maintenance. Founder Dave Weiner started Priority because he said he was “frustrated with bicycles on the market, noting that with all the industry innovation, the recreational cyclist was still suffering the same old product while professional riders enjoyed all the spoils. Priority Bicycles do away with chains which have been known to ruin clothes. Instead they feature clean belt drives that require no lubrication, are rust-proof, and impervious to the weather. Belt drives are, quite simply, more durable, quieter, and cleaner. Priority Bikes also use bolts Read More

LEIF: The Everywhere Snowboard

If the winter is just not enough time to get all the snowboarding in that you prefer, then consider picking up LEIF, an “everywhere snowboard” that looks kind of like a skateboard but operates as its more wintry counterpart. With LEIF, you can go anywhere the concrete leads you — flat ground, uphill, you name it — while maintaining control of your board at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. As the folks behind the Kickstarter state, this allows you to turn “pavement into powder.” You can still get one at the early bird price of $1,299 if you Read More

Raspberry Pi Gamer: Go Old School With Any System On One Unit

Look, we’re not going to sit here and act like we know how Raspberry Pi programming works, but if it can create a new console capable of playing SNES, Nintendo, Sega, etc., with the ease of a modern gaming system, we know enough to say that we like it. Currently on Kickstarter, you can order your own Raspberry Pi Gamer Console, which combines multiple emulator technologies into one simple (and simply cool) unit. The housing on this item is adorable, and belongs in every so-called gamer’s entertainment center. You can pick yours up now for $85, or bump up to Read More

SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife

Ever tried to cut a real stick of butter without a chainsaw? We have, and it doesn’t usually work out. Thankfully, the geniuses at THAT have created a solution in the SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife. Just how does this baby work? It transfers your body heat to the knife and starts softening the butter in just 20 seconds as opposed to minutes without it. It’s good for butters, spreads, jams, chocolate, and more, and features a titanium coating that is non-toxic and food contact safe. There is no electricity needed, and you can even clean it via the dishwasher. So say Read More

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