Extreme Fliers’ Micro Drone 2.0

The Micro Drone 2.0 is the successor to the very popular Quad-Copter. Its maker, Extreme Fliers, managed to design the drone to a size that is smaller than the palm of your Read More

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Jam Out with the iRig HD-A

It seems like all the Apple junkies get the best tech when it comes to music and audio recording. But not anymore, says IK Multimedia. The company has released their all new Read More

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Meet HTC’s Re: Yes, It’s a Camera

If you are asking yourself what the hell this device is, that’s most likely a good thing. HTC has decided to break conventional design for digital cameras and create this cute, small Read More

Choose Your Adventure with the Motoped Survival Bike

With the Survival bike from Motoped, we dare you to find its limits. This bike is packed with power and opens the door to an experience that is not only fully customizable, Read More

Quadrofoil: The Only All-Electric Hydrofoiling Watercraft

Using the power behind hydrofoiling technology and making it completely electric, the Quadrofoil watercraft defines and sets the stage for the future of the watercraft industry. The Quadrofoil’s eco-friendly design allows it Read More

Sleep like a King with the Serenity Pod Bed

Come on…do we really need explain how awesome this bed is? Just look at it! But if we must, let’s first give a shoutout to the designers of this magnificent piece of Read More

Trekkies Rejoice: OnBeep Onyx

If you’re a fan of Star Trek and dreamt of having your very own personal communicator device attached to your spandex uniform, ahem, t-shirt and jacket, dream no further. OnBeep has created Read More

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Meet Amazon’s Echo: Hello Alexa

It seems like every aspect of our technology is getting to the point where we could probably say “I love you, Siri” without making heads turn in dismay. Virtual assistants are becoming Read More

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