Meet The Lumia 940 XL, Microsoft’s Next-Gen Phone

Listen up Microsoft fans, there’s a new Lumia phone coming. Dubbed the 940 XL, the latest addition in the Lumia family of smartphones will include a high-tech iris scanner which is meant Read More

Fallout Shelter Is Out On iOS Now!

Fallout 4 wasn’t the only new game announcement Bethesda had to make at this year’s E3. The RPG giant also announced Fallout Shelter, an iOS/Android mobile game which casts you as the Read More

Get Your Own Fallout Pip-Boy By Preordering Fallout 4 Today!

Are you a Fallout fanboy? If so then you’ve probably always wanted your very own Pip-Boy. I mean, who doesn’t want their own awesome wrist-mounted retro-futuristic gadget right!? Luckily for you, if Read More

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ASUS Creates Its Best Projector Yet

ASUS wants to get all up on the projector market, and it plans to do so with their tiny, pocket-sized LED E1Z projector. The Android-powered device can actually play content right from Read More

$200 Buy

Snail Is The Best Looking Mobile Wall Charger We’ve Seen

It’s a fact that smartphone specs, design, and capabilities increase substantially with each passing year. Know what doesn’t? The ultra-important power adapter. That is, until now. Meet Snail, a new product seeking Read More

$25 Buy

Ola Is The Quickest (And Safest) Way To Get Into Your Home

Want to know the problem with most smart locks? It actually takes you a lot longer to take out your phone, open up the smart phone app, and press unlock than it Read More

Meet Lenovo’s Wild Magic View Smartwatch Concept

Smartwatches went from awesome to boring pretty fast. It’s always the same with these devices right? A touchscreen display, notifications, and fitness tracking. Well, Lenovo wants to stand out from the pack Read More

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iOS 9 Is Apple’s First “Intelligent” Mobile Operating System

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably aware that Apple recently announced iOS 9 at their WWDC 2015 developer conference. So what’s new in Cupertino’s flagship mobile operating system?  Well Read More