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StandDesk: The Most Affordable Standing Office Desk Yet

There are a lot of custom-designed standing desk out there, and we applaud each one, but few are as convenient and affordable as the StandDesk, now available at Kickstarter starting at $399 and going up from there depending on the material you select for the desktop. (The cheapest price is for a standard frame with laminate top.) Each incarnation of the StandDesk boasts a two-button control system that allows you to easily adjust the height on your desk at will. As far as lift goes, this deceptively strong little item can lift up to 225 pounds without give. (Seriously, if Read More

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R.B.I. Baseball ’14: It’s Back, And We Can’t Stop Smiling

If you grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you probably remember a gloriously simple little baseball game called R.B.I. Baseball. It had a cartoonish quality and easy-to-learn controls, and it was darn addictive. Well, the folks at Major League Baseball Advanced Media are bringing it back with some updated graphics while recommitting to the qualities that made the original one of the best video game franchises in the history of the game. With R.B.I. Baseball ’14, expected to drop on April 10 for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, and Android (at least), MLBAM has added one additional feature that Read More

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Huiiz: The Facial Recognition Search Engine

Want a new web search development that’s both empowering and a little creepy? You’re going to love huiiz (sounds a little like WHO-I-IS with a French Canadian accent). This search engine uses facial recognition software to learn faces from a photograph and pull results from all across the web that are related to the individual. The operation is simple. Just dump a few photos of yourself or someone you know into the search box, and huiiz will instantly learn the features and pull up image results for that person. You can then save the profile to keep yourself from having Read More

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Qlipter: The World’s Most Versatile Clip Hook

You’ve already seen the so-called “mommy hooks” out there that help you carry tons of groceries at once, but they’re so rigid they lack versatility. While they might be handier than the alternative, they don’t go quite as far as the Qlipter, which will soon be launching on Kickstarter. The Qlipter allows you to keep all of your stuff off the ground when you need it to, whether you’re hiking, traveling, climbing, strolling, or shopping. It can be used to keep your luggage together, keep a diaper bag from touching the nasty bathroom floor, or even to hang your bicycle Read More

Go Westward Whiskey, Young Man

Great whiskey isn’t just meant to keep you warm during the colder months. It has a smooth taste and feel that can be enjoyed all year long. Westward has produced just such a concoction with their Westward Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, made from 100 percent malted barley grown straight from the Pacific Northwest. This recipe has been fermented with ale yeast for exceptional character. From there, it’s double pot distilled an matured in two-char American oak barrels for a classic woodiness permeating a rich, smooth and deeply flavorful body. It’s for the outdoorsy among you, no doubt, and Read More

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Slyde Handboards: Bring On The Summertime!

Summertime is quickly approaching, my friends, and yours truly is making beach preparations while trying to put the unpleasantness of the winter out of my thoughts once and for all (until next season, of course). With all the possibilities ahead and all the cold weather behind, what better way to celebrate than by using Slyde Handboards? Just give this a look and try to tell us it doesn’t look awesome. Go ahead, we dare ya:  Not sure why, but body surfing always seemed more appealing to me — probably my inability to stand up on a surfboard — and there’s Read More

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Okay, You Got Keys, Wallet, Phone, And … Bacon!?

Go Bacon Jerky was created with one simple purpose in mind: A love for bacon that transcends the taste and goes overboard on style. In other words, the team behind this ongoing Kickstarter project loves the taste of bacon, but they feel it should be enjoyed more like a fine wine than something you throw into a Ziploc bag and toss in the refrigerator when you’re done eating it. (Scratch that. No one is ever truly done eating bacon; you just pause for a bit.) With Go Bacon Jerky, you can carry 1.5 ounces of the stuff with you wherever Read More

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No Lighter Fluid, No Problem, With This USB Rechargeable

I’ll be straight with you, friends. You’re lucky we’re even giving updates since we had to prepare this on April Fools’ Day, and you can only trust about 30% of what you see on the Internet on that day. However, since we heard about this one before Tuesday, we figured it was safe. If you have ever become frustrated by lighters that went out at the wrong time, then you will likely get a kick out of this product. It’s the USB rechargeable lighter from EOS! The device is flameless and uses no butane or gas. Nevertheless, it’s able to Read More

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