Todoist Gets Mac And Web Apps

Want to boost your productivity? Who doesn’t! Well now you too can boost your efficiency by using Todoist. If you’ve heard about Todoist in the past, that’s because they’re a popular mobile Read More

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iPad Pro Is Apple’s Answer To Microsoft’s Surface

Listen up working professionals: Apple wants you to buy their latest iPad. Unlike previous iPads which have been designed in Cupertino, the new iPad Pro is being positioned as a legitimate content Read More

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Steve Jobs Is Rolling In His Grave: Apple Releases ‘Pencil’ Stylus

Who wants a stylus? That very question was asked by Steve Jobs shortly before he dismissed the very idea behind styluses. Now, nearly a decade later Apple seems to be thinking differently Read More

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Apple Takes On Gaming Consoles With New Apple TV

Last week the Apple TV stopped being “just a hobby” for Apple. The brand new Apple TV marks the largest update for the world’s best-selling digital media player which now features a Read More

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iOS 9.1 Is Already Being Beta Tested

iOS 9 isn’t even out yet and Apple is already working on the next version. iOS 9.1 (duh) is now being seeded to developers who are saying that the next next update Read More

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Apple’s iPhone 6S Is The Best Phone To Ever Be Designed In Cupertino

It’s that time of the year. Apple has a new iPhone and this time the only thing that has changed is everything, according to Apple that is. So what exactly does that Read More

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Sony Announces Z5 Flagship Phone

All rumors point to an imminent iPhone 6S release but that isn’t stopping Sony from releasing a new flagship device which it hopes to reverse its declining marketshare in the ever more Read More

Is Project Genesis The Future Of Prescription Eyewear?

Glasses are due for an upgrade. As the oldest and most reliable form of wearable tech, eyewear is prime ground for innovation. Google knows it. Sony knows it. Oculus knows it. And Read More

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