The Tesla 3 Is The Cheaper Electric Car We’ve All Been Waiting For

Famed electric car maker, Tesla has a new car model for sale. Now, you may be thinking “Why should I care about yet another expensive car that I’ll never get the change Read More

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Nest Unveils New Nest Protect Smart Smoke Detector

The world’s best smoke detector just got even better. At a special event yesterday, Google-owned Nest announced the next version of the Nest Protect. So what’s new? Well for one, the new Read More

Shenmue 3 Announced At E3 2015

If you ever played the Dreamcast cult classic Shemue (1999), then you already know that it’s one of the most forward-looking game of its time (it basically birthed open-world gameplay). Unfortunately shortly Read More

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Amazon’s New Paperwhite Is The Best E-Reader Ever

Could the world’s best e-reader get any better? That’s the question that the Kindle design team over at Amazon had to ask themselves before designing the new Kindle Paperwhite. In order to Read More

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Nest Releases New Nest Cam Home Monitoring/Security Camera

Remember Dropcam? They used to make some of the world’s most advanced home monitoring cameras until they were purchased by Nest (and ultimately Google who owns Nest) last year. Now Nest has Read More

Samsung Unveils New GameRecorder+ App

There’s seemingly no limit to the amount of screen capture options that can be used to record your favorite PC gaming moments. But what about mobile? If you’re an Android user then Read More

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1337 Gamer? You Need The New Xbox One Elite Controller

Are you a totally 1337 gamer? Then you might want to get your hands on the new Xbox One Elite Controller by Microsoft. Arguably the most advanced game controller ever to come Read More

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Fairphone 2 Is The World’s Best Ethically Sourced Smartphone

The way we consume smartphone isn’t very environmentally friendly or socially conscious. We buy these devices that are oftentimes made with conflict minerals and then simply discard them when we’re done. One Read More