Cocoon: Home Security in One Device

It seems like you have to spend an arm and leg just to keep your home safe nowadays. Going through a private home security provider can be costly and involve installation fees, Read More

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Koss BTS1: Affordable and Powerful Bluetooth Speakers

Why is it so difficult to find a high quality speaker for audio that comes with an affordable price? Well, now you have nothing to worry or be frustrated about. Koss has Read More

Wear Your Passwords with Everykey

As we continue to incorporate and store private data and personal information on computers and through the internet, the stress and frustration of making and remembering passwords will increase. Is there a Read More

3TB of Storage for Under $100

As the amount of accessible content increases exponentially on the internet, what are we going to do about storage capabilities for all our precious data? As of right now, Newegg is offering Read More

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The Noke by FÜZ

There are a lot of items and inventions we use today that would benefit greatly if enhanced with modern day innovations and cooperation. However, we will be completely honest and say that Read More

The Hemingwrite: An E-Ink Typewriter

While the idea of an e-ink typewriter seems pointless in the modern days of computers, tablets, and practically any gadget with a keyboard, you’d be surprised by how beneficial, innovative, and awesome Read More

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Boosted Boards’ Faster and Affordable E-Skateboards

Unfortunately, humans haven’t perfected hoverboards for commercial use, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for a smooth, powered ride while on the go. Boosted Boards is known for their electronic skateboards Read More

SurfacePad iPhone 6 Case

With the beautiful and sleek design of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ from Apple, who’d want to hide its beauty from view? Thanks to the always sleek and oh-so popular Read More

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