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10 Wearable Tech Gadgets That’ll Change Your Life

Exofab: The First Hands-Free ‘Selfie’ Phone Case

Exofab just hit the U.S. market after having sold 100,000 units in Europe this past year. With the help of 3M, a gel-like substance, the company was able to build a case sleek and slim in design that will also stick to glass, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces. This added functionality makes it the first “hands free selfie” phone case. While we would never encourage selfies, we know that many of you are going to take them anyway, so you might as well have one that looks as normal as possible. You can pick up an exofab in a wide Read More

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Mega Hammock Equals Mega-Awesome

Hammocks have always been an awesome way to enjoy a warm, breezy day, but they’re pretty much a solitary activity, and that’s a shame if you have some special people in your life that you’d like to include during your relaxation. Fear not. Hummingbird Hammocks has a solution to this little problem. With its Mega Hammock, the company has turned a one-man deal into fun for the whole family. This giant piece of material brings backyard relaxation to a whole new level with the ability to comfortably accommodate three people. Available in four colors of ripstop nylon with black webbing Read More

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TUSA SAV-7 EVO Scooter: Take A Cruise With Two Of Your Best Buds

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO Scooter is a step up from the highly popular SAV-7, featuring several upgrades to make it the heir apparent to the diving scooter throne. Its progressive acceleration system includes rotational speed adjustment to allow for precise speed changes while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and lends itself to easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions. A LED battery indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life whenever the device is switched on. Additionally, the three-speed Read More

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Stay Chill With The Portable Ice Maker

New at Hammacher, this portable ice maker earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it was the most efficient at producing ice. Yielding 1-inch-long, conical-shaped ice cubes in batches of 12, The Best model’s 1.8 lbs.-per-hour ice output was 80 percent more efficient than other models that could only manage a 1 lb.-per-hour output. The Best model also produced its first batch of clear, well-formed cubes in just under 10 minutes. Simply fill the 1.32-gallon reservoir with water, selecting from small to large ice cube sizes, and setting the timer for 30 minutes to 18-hour continuous operation. Read More

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Laser Illuminating Binoculars: See Life Coming, Day And Night

The Laser Illuminating Binoculars will light up subjects in the dark over 150 yards away with a diffused, wide-angle laser. At 532nm, the green laser generates an ever-widening cone of light that spots subjects in complete darkness: at 30 feet away, it provides a 24-inch diameter spot while at 164 feet away, it highlights subjects with a 13-foot diameter spot. Equally useful during the daytime, the binoculars’ 32mm objective lenses produce a 294-foot field of view at 1,000 yards, and they have multi-coated lenses and a roof prism system, providing 8X magnification and sharp contrast at any distance. Other features Read More

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Meet Russia 1, Or ‘The Batmobile Tram’

Russia 1, or the Batmobile Tram, is the latest and greatest piece of public transportation from Russia, and the Moscow Times has all the details for us. In comments to the news site, Atom’s Alexei Maslov, a participant in the project describes Russia 1 like this: “It takes the form of crystal — a priceless stone in a metal shell. And crystal because it reflects the city in which it moves, meaning the tram will assimilate into any landscape — forest, industrial zone, any sort of modern buildings.” The overhanging nose allows the driver a wider view by about 30 percent over the traditional tram. It holds 190 to 270 passengers, and Read More

Futbola Culture Clothing: Dress Ready For The Next World Cup!

The 2014 World Cup is now in the books, and it won’t be back for another four years. But that doesn’t mean you have to put futbol culture on the shelf with it. Thanks to Futbola Culture, you can keep that ball bouncing year-round with a set of urban wear that blends the world’s most beloved sport with expert design. Futbola gives you plenty of options here with a dense line of long- and short-sleeved T-Shirts along with some tanks thrown in for good measure. Each is extremely soft and slightly stretchy with a 100 percent combed cotton jersey material. Read More

D-Wave Quantum Computer: Think Of The Possibilities

Quantum computation has so many possibilities — artificial intelligence, examining DNA for better treatment possibilities, hunting down bad guys, advanced rescue operations, you name it! Any time you can measure thousands upon thousands of possibilities at the same time, you’re a leg up on the traditional computer. Only thing is, we’re a long way off from being able to have a quantum computer of our own — at least we were until D-Wave came along. Well, until the price tag lowers from the $15 million that one will cost you, there probably is still some distance to cover, but that’s Read More

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