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swivelCard Is The Future Of USB And The Business Card

Business types, are you tired of killing trees for something with limited functionality? If so, then you’ve probably had it with the standard business card. While these can expand your name to possible clients and customers, they’re more often lost, forgotten, or intentionally trashed soon after you give them out. With swivelCard, you can change all this. The swivelCard is a “smart” business card with embedded USB technology that allows you to see where the card has been and how it’s being used once it leaves your hands. You can make changes on the fly and use the card as Read More

Slice May Be The Best Media Player Ever Created

Slice enters a pretty loaded field of media players, and as a Kickstarter project, it comes across a bit as the “little engine that could but may not”; however, judging by the specs and the software, we think this may be the best media player to date, and we’ll tell you why. While Slice can make use of the Internet, it doesn’t require it in order to play your videos, music, or whatever. That’s because it comes equipped with 1 terabyte storage as well as inputs for more in case you want to add to it. All you have to Read More

Noke Is The First Bluetooth Padlock

Noke (pronounced, appropriately enough, “no key”) is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock for those of you a little soured by the fact that padlocks haven’t evolved hardly at all in spite of so much great new technology. Well, fret no longer. With Noke — currently available via Kickstarter — it doesn’t matter if you leave your key in the car or at home, because you don’t need it. By using Noke and your smartphone, you’ll always have easy access to all the important things in your life. In addition, you’ll be able to share access to your possessions easily, safely, Read More

AirEnergy 3D Puts The Power Of A Wind Turbine In Your Pack

Most of the inStash audience lives in the good ol’ U, S, of A, so we don’t think about energy that much until the power goes out. But maybe we should change that. The AirEnergy 3D project gives us the means to produce a clean, mobile form of energy that we can take with us wherever we go, thus getting us off the grid. Made mostly from a 3D printer, AirEnergy 3D is a wind turbine that fits in your backpack and produces up to 300 watts of renewable energy. That’s enough to power mobile phones, laptops, batteries, and more. Read More

Soma Water Filter: Limited Edition

The Soma Water Filter is a new and simple way of bringing water filtration to your kitchen without the annoyance of gross-out black flakes and other unpleasantries. What you see is what you get — a glass carafe and a filter. You can purchase one of each for just $59, or you can get as many as 12 filters and one carafe for $179. Best of all, for each order that you place, about $12.50 will be donated to charity, so you can help others get clean water as well. Fresh filters are delivered every 60 days for only an Read More

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Hanx Writer Recreates The Old School Typing Experience

Who would have thunk that the man who gave us Forrest Gump is so in love with the old school typewriter that he would back an iPad app that perfectly recreates it. Yes, Tom Hanks has a new app out — the Hanx Writer — and it really is the mock typewriter app that most writers with a foot in the past and a foot in the future want. But unlike the ordinary typewriter, you can actually save docs, email them, etc., with the simple and elegant interface, and if you make a typo, there is no need for white Read More

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The Expendables 3: Why It’s REALLY Failing At The Box Office

A box office update from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that The Expendables grossed just $875,000 in its opening night at the box office. This number is a slight improvement from the first film, but not really when you take into consideration that it opened at the 7pm slot, while the original debuted with a late showing and still managed to rake in $860,000. It’s not expected to hit $20 million domestically for the entire opening weekend, though it will probably be a huge hit overseas. (If A Good Day To Die Hard can be successful, then why not this?) While Read More

Ferrari F80 Supercar: Why Does It Have To Be A Concept?

Even when all you need are 100 to 150 words, they can be a little hard to come by looking at the Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept. That’s because we’re left utterly speechless by the futuristic design, the sleek body, and the incredible power specs. The F80, at this point, is nothing more than a Concept designed by Adriano Raeli, and it’s hard to see great demand considering how much this thing would cost, but we can sit back and dream, can’t we? If Ferrari did ever choose to make the F80 and follow the specs, the car would be powered Read More