Xbox One Controller For Your Mac!?

The Xbox One Controller Driver for Mac finally bridges the gap between Mac and Microsoft with a driver that supports all of the fluid controls you’ve grown accustomed to on your Xbox Read More

Meet TB2MB JET: The Ultimate Gas Leaf Blower

The TB2MB JET Gas Leaf Blower is one of the most powerful weapons against falling leaves that you’ll ever drag out of the toolshed. It’s a lean, mean 27cc, 2-cycle, full-crank engine Read More

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Bike Lift And Carry: Urban Travel With No Limitations

Great news, urban travelers. If you like riding your bike but aren’t too enamored with having to lug it around when not in use, the Bike Lift & Carry is here to Read More

Sculptify’s David Is A Giant Leap For 3D Printing

We’ve brought you more than a dozen 3D printers over the last couple of years, but Sculptify David is a game-changer. While most of the previous incarnations would only print using filament Read More

Kormaran: Say Hello To A New Class Of Boat

The Kormaran is a new class of boat that infuses trimaran, katamaran, and monohull into one unique watercraft with few limitations. Using a hydraulic and electronic transformation system, the Kormaran can change Read More

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Pumking: Hallowed Beer For All Your Autumn Haunts

Pumking is the best kind of IPA — an Imperial Pumpkin Ale! With this bewitching brew, it’ll be easy to get into the spirit of the coming Halloween season. (You ARE already Read More

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Amazon Prime Instant Video Goes Android

Amazon Prime has long been accessible to Apple devices and the company’s own Fire series, but, surprisingly, never the Android until now. Last Tuesday Amazon announced its video offering would be available through Read More

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4MM Jet Pack For Runners

Jason Kerestes, a graduate student in engineering at Arizona State University, is working with faculty to produce the first ever jet pack designed for runners. Called project 4MM, or 4-Minute Mile, the Read More

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