You Need To Check Out The Nest Shelf

Okay, first world problem time. You know what’s the problem with shelves? You keep accumulating more stuff and they keep staying the same size. Your only option is to keep throwing those Read More

Apple Just Made Transferring Files From An Android Device Really Easy

Have you been seduced by either the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? We don’t blame you, Apple has always presented a compelling narrative where everything “just works”. Keeping in that philosophy, Read More

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You Can Now Buy An Amazon Fire Tablet For Just $50

We’re willing to bet that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll end up buying the new Amazon Fire tablet. While you might expect us to go into detail regarding Read More

$49 Buy

Sizzl Will Help You Find Love In Another Bacon Lover

Living the bacon-loving lifestyle? No decent red-blooded American would dare live any other way. Luckily you can now meet and date your fellow bacon-aficionados with Sizzl, a real-life dating app from the Read More

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The Roomba 980 Is The Best Robotic Vacuum. Ever.

Robot vacuums aren’t exactly new. They’ve been around for nearly two decades now. Chances are if you haven’t invested in them it’s probably because of one of the following: You view robots Read More

$900 Buy

Android Strikes Back With Its Own “Stick With Android” App

Well, that was fast. Just hours after Apple came out with its “Move to iOS” app, the Android camp has a response (albeit an unofficial one). “Stick with Android” is the result Read More

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New Amazon Fire TV Challenges Apple TV Dominance

If you’re not the type to buy into the reality distortion field surrounding Apple products then you probably didn’t give a hoot about last week’s Apple TV announcement. Why should you? There Read More

Star Wars Battlefront Gets Free Public Open Beta

Good news Star Wars fans! The upcoming, sure-to-be-awesome, Battlefront game just became just a little bit more awesome. That’s because EA has announced that Battlefront will be going open-beta and open to Read More

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