Lamborghini Egoista Concept

Ownshelf Allows You To Share Digital Books With Friends, DRM Free

OTTO: The GIF Camera, Now On Kickstarter

We’re not quite sure why GIFs are so popular. They have crappy quality, take forever to load (in modern Internet terms anyway), and are far lesser to HD video. Still, something about the looping and usual hilarity that goes along with them keeps us watching. If only there was a camera that allowed you to make one. (Now there is.) OTTO lets you decide how it takes pictures. Besides being the only camera that makes animated GIFs, OTTO’s an image making machine that can transform into hundreds of different cameras with a quick tap. GIFs, time lapses, impromptu photo booths, Read More

Halo 5: Guardians Drops In Fall 2015

You’ve been waiting forever for this, but the day is finally here. Well, the day you find out about it anyway. Halo 5: Guardians is coming for the Xbox One from 343 and Microsoft, and it will drop in the fall of 2015. Good news in the sense that it gives Halo fans something to look forward to, but bad in the sense that we’ve got over a year to wait. Halo 5 has been re-tooled based on Xbox One capabilities for a “community of gamers who love what lies at the heart of this game,” the press release states. Read More

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JAG Grill: Now This Is How You Barbecue

You’ve heard it said that too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing, but today we have a table/grilling area that challenges the notion. Introducing the JAG Grill, an octagon-shaped eating and grilling area that accommodates up to eight people with a total diameter of seven feet. The stainless steel grilling racks remove for easier storage and cleaning and the grill dome contains the fire and allows for the easy addition of wood or coal. Built strong for a lifetime of use, the JAG Grill is a design marvel that belongs in any backyard, at least for those Read More

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The Shot Timer: Turn Any Contest Into A Drinking Game

Great ideas come from the darnedest places. Take the invention of the Shot Timer. According to the project creators over at Kickstarter, this idea came from a game of Scattergories. “On an uneventful night of enjoying some adult beverages in James’ condo, Toby and James were brainstorming inventions,” the project reveals. “As their wives played Scattergories on the living room coffee table, the miniature hourglass timer used in the game sat next to a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a shot glass, beckoning their creativity.” From this, Shot Timer was born — a double-chambered shot glass that works Read More

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Mister Pompadour Kits Offer A Better Grade Of Hair Care For Men

If we had to envision the type of hair care product that James Bond would use before he goes out on a secret mission, Mister Pompadour would come to mind. These specially formulated kits — also available as individual product — just scream rugged sophistication with a unique blend of ingredients that will have you looking forward to shower time. Each kit runs $42 and comes with eight ounces of shampoo, eight ounces of conditioner, and two ounces of paste. Our personal favorite would be the peppermint shampoo and conditioner and beeswax paste, but you can also get all peppermint Read More

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Podlife: It’s K-Cup For Vitamins!

If there’s one thing in life I’ve learned to love, it’s the experience of the K-cup. Such a quick and easy way to get the right dosage of coffee to start my day, and it’s brewed fresh in an instant without me having to wait on six or eight extra cups that I’ll never actually drink. Well, over the past 18 months, the folks behind Podlife — Ben Acott and Clint Bartram — have been developing a version of this drink delivery method for vitamins and supplements. It’s called Podlife, and the way it works is equally effective. You simply Read More

The Button Bow: Headband, Tie, Necklace, Anything!

These days, it seems like every single thing we buy has to do more than one thing for it to be worth anything. The creators of The Button Bow have gotten this message in creating their bow tie that doubles as a headband or necklace. Finally, a clothing accessory we can pull off our noggins after a workout and fasten around our necks for that next big job interview. (Not sure we’d recommend that, though.) Each one is handmade on a sewing machine with no cheap glue shortcuts. All products are crafted from high quality designer fabric remnants. These fabric remnants Read More

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The Outback Duffel Bag

From the moment you get out of bed to the moment you return to it, life takes you places. It could be work, the gym, or around the globe. The Outback Duffel is a bag built for life, that lets you easily switch from play to work back to play again without looking out of place. Available in waxed canvas or ballistic nylon with premium leather accents, it holds all the things your sports bag holds and much, much more. The double-compartment model lets you keep your clean clothes in one place and dirty ones in another. The roomy one-comparment Read More