The Neato XV Signature Pro Is Both Cheaper And More Efficient Than Roomba

If you’ve been tempted by robotic vacuums before but have always been put off by their oftentimes expensive price-points then you might want to continue reading. The Neato XV Signature Pro is Read More

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Become “Awair” Of The Quality Of The Air You’re Breathing In

Air. It’s all around you. Where you work. Where you eat. Where you sleep. But how much do you really know about the air you’re breathing in? Probably not that much, other Read More

Lenovo’s Cast Is Their Chrome Cast Competitor

Lenovo is making its first foray into the living room with Lenovo Cast, its new Chromecast competitor. Traditionally considered first and foremost a computer company, Lenovo hasn’t particularly shown interest in the Read More

Discover Why Nisnas’ Dunstan Is The Best Bike Grip Ever Made

Sponsored Post Chances are that unless you’re a serious cycling enthusiast, you probably haven’t thought about the type of bike grip that you’ve been using. There’s a good reason you should though, Read More

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Check Out The New Go Pro Hero+ LCD

This year GoPro isn’t waiting until the autumn to release a new product. Meet the GoPro Hero+ LCD, a new mid-range action camera which it sure to be a hit. As the Read More

Wake Up To The Smell Of Bacon With The SensorWake Alarm

Shouldn’t waking up be a relaxing and peaceful process? The folks behind the SensorWake alarm think so, and that’s why they’ve developed a new type of alarm system that uses odor cartridges Read More

Nvidia’s GTX 980 Ti Supports 4K Gaming

If you’re the type of person who enjoys playing the most graphic-intensive video games then listen up because there’s a new big bad graphics card available. The all-new Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Read More

Looking For A Smart Watch? The ASUS ZenWatch 2 Might Just Be It

Not convinced by the Apple Watch? Looking for the next evolution of Android Wear? You should probably check out the new ASUS ZenWatch 2, then. What’s new in the ZenWatch 2? Well, Read More

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