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Beardski Ski Mask

Vesaro I: The Most Immersive Driving Experience

Driving game enthusiasts will love the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Special Edition. This amazing creation includes the worlds first 55-inch Triple Curved OLED display setup  and offers a massive 165 inches of screen curving around your seating position for an immersive experience that will have your head spinning from the awesomeness of it all. At the heart of the Evolve Extreme is a Level 4 Extreme PC ensuring the visuals sent to the three curved displays are performing at their best, with two Radeon HD7990 6GB graphics cards housed in a double-width brushed aluminium case. Packed with powerful industry leading Read More

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Rugged Materials Launches On Kickstarter

From Tyler Condie of Cedar City, Utah, comes a gorgeous collection of tough and durable bags — assorted in size and function — suitably named the Rugged Materials line. You can now order a number of different options through the company’s upstart Kickstarter project, which still has 24 days to go. The $15,000 target goal has already been met with more than $19k in donations as of this writing. Described simply as “premium leather goods for everyone,” Rugged Materials is a rare product line that lives up to its name, and looks pretty darn good doing it. Pictured above, we Read More

Wocket Wallet: Your Electronic Vault

Wallets for us really have to stand out. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo traditional materials and designs, but you should have a uniqueness that says, “I’m not just any wallet; I’m the only one you’ll ever need.” While it’s still too early to test the validity of that claim with the Wocket Smart Wallet, we certainly see potential. Rather than being a smart card — we’ve seen a few of those — it’s a smart wallet that replaces the need to carry around all your different credit cards, reward cards, etc. The Wocket acts as an electronic vault Read More

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Say Hello To Zen Float, Goodbye To Your Senses

Sensory deprivation is a mode of self-therapy that allows you to shut out all of your senses and get some much-needed zen time free and clear from the fools and scalawags, who make getting the day so difficult. That’s why it’s a fitting thing that Zen Float would be the company behind these at-home isolation chambers, now available on Kickstarter for the price of $1,500. Pictured above, you’ll see what the Isolation Chamber looks like without the cover on. Below is a design prototype with the cover. The company promises a unique and relaxing experience that will enable you to Read More

Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

You can never be too safe when hitting the streets on your bike, especially when it’s nighttime and it’s harder for motorists to see you. That’s why it’s essential you don’t rely solely on reflectors to give away your position. You need something a bit more obvious, and Sparse has the solution with its fixed light system that integrates into your bike’s frame. Sparse is anti-theft and boasts rechargeable cycling lights that give you four hours of uninterrupted cycling time (eight hours when in blink mode). There are two types of Sparse (the spacer light and the post light), and Read More

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Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee And Growler

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee uses direct trade to source single origin coffee beans and promote direct communication and price negotiation between buyer and farmer, using systems that encourage and incentivize quality. Roasted by LA-based artisan small batch roaster Forge Coffee, the product comes in attractively designed 32-ounce growlers that will only be available as part of the Kickstarter campaign. Each holds enough to make 12 coffee drinks and the growler itself is reusable for whatever purpose you see fit. (More coffee, perhaps?) The designs on each growler are produced by independent artists and screened on — no labels — Read More

BMW i8: Two Engines, 95 MPG, ‘Nuff Said

If you’ve got the $135,700 to spare and enjoy the prospects of 95mpg gas mileage (up to 703 miles per tank), then BMW has an Eco-friendly ride that you’re going to love. Part of what makes i8 such an efficient creation is how it stores two engines — one in the front, one in the rear — and allows them to operate independently of one another. As a result, you can also get from 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds. Last but not least, the sleek carbon fiber body makes this one look a lot better than any economy Read More

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LifeLogger: The Cheaper, Less Cyborg-Y Google Glass

If the idea of spending bushels of money on Google Glass doesn’t suit your fancy, then maybe you should consider picking up the LifeLogger wearable for a fraction of the price. Now available through the Kickstarter platform for an Early Bird price of $169, LifeLogger gives you the ability to capture life in full HD from your POV. Additionally, the LifeLogger is Wi-Fi enabled with Bluetooth capability, GPS location services, 32GB of memory, long battery life, an H.264 encoder, and gyroscope/magnetometer/accelerometer for keeping up with movements without sacrificing quality. Best of all, it doesn’t make you look like a clunky Read More