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Mansory Zapico

D*Dynamic House

Bet Your Office Bracket Pool Isn’t This Awesome

You want March Madness? This is March Madness. Bonobos has begun its Bracket Pro-Am Challenge allowing you to join forces with a sports legend to win some major prices and a trip to the 2015 Final Four. What you’ll do is register at the website (click here). Then, you’ll select your sports legend from the following choices: MLB Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers, competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, former soccer star Marcelo Balboa, sumo wrestler Emanuel Yarbrough, and former paper airplane record holder Stephen Kreiger. Finally, you’ll submit your bracket picks before 12 p.m. EST on March 20. Your picks Read More

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Solid Gray Unleashes Hardshell Backpack

Solid Gray was founded by Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw with the intention of creating leaner, tougher, smarter backpacks, and from first glance, it looks like they may have succeeded thanks to the thin, lightweight, and high-tech copolymer used in crafting an almost Crustacean-like shell for all your valuables.  We prefer the Dark-Gray pictured above, but you may also want to check out the White-Black and the White-White. Each pack runs about $194 in the US. It’ll run another $28 if you’re having it shipped to the States. The company also makes a set of tablet covers for your Read More

Lucas Taylor Wood Tie Clip Goes Cocobolo

It’s kind of hard to get excited about a tie clip, yet here we (and 178 other Kickstarter backers) are, broadcasting our affection for the Lucas Taylor Wood Tie Clip, crafted from Cocobolo heartwood, one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. This really is a fines accessory for those pesky times in life when a suit and tie is necessary.  Unlike other wood tie clips, the Lucas Taylor boasts a routed groove in back to secure the metal portion of the clip, offering superior durability and fashionability. The final product is hand sanded and stained for Read More

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InviBox Spamless Email, Social Media Integration In One App

We’re about 48 days away from the launch of InviBox, a new email platform that promises spam-less email with social media integration and apps. The site claims to give the user “the ability to integrate all their social networks, email accounts, and third party applications. No ads and no spam. Only the content and emails you want.” It’s still a little early to tell how InviBox makes the distinction and how seamless the integration will be — some social networks can get a little ornery when it comes to playing nice with applications outside their sphere of influence — but Read More

Andre The Giant: Life And Legend Graphic Novel

We don’t get extremely excited about comic books these days since so many of them are about superheroes. (Been there, done that, about a million times.) However, the art form can still be used to great effect when writers and artists step out of the safe zone and take real chances with originality. That seems to be what is occurring here with the upcoming biography on the life of the late great Andre the Giant, a former WWF superstar who really needs no introduction. The book is from Box Brown and is called Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. It’s Read More

Daniel Simon: Genius Designer, More Than Just ‘TRON Guy’

It is with both sadness and pleasure that today we bring you some of the concepts created by Daniel Simon, a German-born designer, author, and producer, with professional roots as a senior designer at Bugatti and Volkswagen. Simon’s clients include Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Lotus, and Hamilton. He has created iconic fantasy vehicles for Hollywood blockbuster films like Tron: Legacy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, and Oblivion. Unfortunately, that means you can’t walk into a dealership at this time and buy a Simon creation (save for his Bugatti work). He is, however, available for automotive-design services and lectures. You’ll Read More

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Skirmos: The Laser Tag Game You’ve Always Wanted

Skirmos is a new laser tag system designed to be like your favorite first person shooter in the real world. With Skirmos, you’ll be able to change the color on your laser cannon, keep up with your kills via LCD screen, alter the firing sound effects, and engage with other users for one of the most authentic firefights this side of a Rambo movie. You will also be able to tap in to the code and customize your very own laser tag games thanks to Skirmos’ designers building it as an open source system. There are currently single packages as Read More

Popcorn Time Shuts Down, Reopens Under New Management

There’s been quite a bit happening on the Popcorn Time front since we told you about the torrent streaming service last week. Over the weekend, the website posted a notification that it would be closing its doors due to the increased scrutiny that new stories all over the Internet — such as ours — brought to their front door. Yet before the body could even get cold, someone else stepped up to the plate to keep Popcorn Time alive. The people behind YTS (YIFY) declared they would be taking over the project with immediate effect in comments to TorrentFreak.  From Read More