Meet ELECTRICMOOD, The World’s Lightest Electric Scooter

Who needs an electric bike when you could have a much cooler ELECTRICMOOD? ELECTRICMOOD is the world’s lightest fully equipped urban electric scooter. It’s light, silent, fun, and easy to use while Read More

EcoAdvanced Batteries Are The Batteries Of The Future

Energizer has recently unveiled a new product line called “EcoAdvanced” alkaline batteries which include nearly 4% recycled material. The batteries are the first of their kind and Energizer spent nearly 7 years Read More

Smartstones Touch Wants To Change The Way You Communicate

Smartstones Touch just might be the world’s first nonverbal communication device. Inspired by the subtle curvature found on natural geological formations like pebbles, Smartstones Touch is a wearable, sensorial device that lets Read More

Control All Of Your Devices From A Single Qmote

Meet Qmote, the smart remote that almost literally does it all. Qmote is an ultra-intuitive, single-button remote which will actually allow you to remotely perform actions on your smart phone. How powerful Read More

Experience Real Hi-Fi Sound With The Levitating Mars Speaker

2015 is shaping up to be the year of the levitating speaker. But is it a gimmick? Mars doesn’t think so. Their Mars Base Levitating Bluetooth speaker features a rich, crisp sound Read More

Become The Best Runner You Can Be With ENKO

Are you a runner? If so then listen up: ENKO just designed the best running shoes the world has probably ever seen. Providing more running power and comfort, ENKO actually keeps all Read More

Cure All Of Your Headaches With Headoc

With Headoc you can start relieving stress-related migraines and headaches with the push of a button. Headoc uses red light phototherapy, negative ions, and vibration therapy. Sounds too good to be true? Read More

Keep Yourself Safe At Night With Illumiseen

Let’s face it, it’s a car’s world out there. Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, hiker, or just walking your dog, going out after a certain time is frankly dangerous. That’s why the Read More

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