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Moto360 Bucks The Smartwatch Trends

The Moto360 is a new round-faced smartwatch that takes a classic approach to the modern timepiece. (Looks like someone was listening when a certain designer (featured here) uploaded his concepts to Behance earlier this week.) In reality, Motorola has had this in its plans for quite some time, illustrated by the amount of progress they’ve made in making this a reality. Up to this point, most (if not all) smartwatch designs have been built for rectangular form factors.  Moto360 says, Enough!, and actually utilizes authentic leathers and metals for a modern, Android-powered device that is a true wristwatch in every Read More

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Move Over Oculus, Here Comes Sony’s Project Morpheus

Finally, we have something other than Oculus Rift to get excited about in the world of virtual reality gaming. With appropriately named Project Morpheus, you could soon be employing this VR headset to many of your PlayStation 4 games. And since Sony is a bit further advanced in gaming architecture, this may be even more cause for excitement than Rift. The official announcement for Project Morpheus came at GDC 2014 yesterday. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said the new device would be responsible for “pushing the boundary of play” and admitted that “it’s this focus that drives Read More

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New Sport FootGolf Is A Real Kick

If there is one thing we love to talk about around here, it’s sport innovation, in particular, new sports. Today, we have an exciting, somewhat-new sport that is a mixture of soccer and golf. Called FootGolf, the object of the game is to kick a ball to a specially designed hole in as few attempts as possible. Aside from that very simple objective, the Official Rules are actually quite expansive and much too long to get in to here. However, you can follow all the latest FootGolf developments by getting yourself over to the Federation for International FootGolf website, where Read More

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BUKcase Brings Bookbinding To Your Tablet Accessories

Just because the print book may be becoming a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean we have to let go of all the Old World bells and whistles altogether. We submit for your consideration the BUKcase from the our friends in the United Kingdom. Each iPad case is made to order by a local team of master bookbinders in Manchester, using locally sourced book binding materials and traditional machinery. The company makes both traditional cases and sleeves, with our personal favs being from genuine Italian leather and good old-fashioned know-how. The latest available edition is for the iPad Air, Read More

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Mail Run Yet? Postybell Lets You Know

Postybell is a very special kind of awesomeness for those of us who actually still get some of our paychecks by mail (i.e. freelancers and other work-at-home types). Postybell is a sensor that you place inside your mailbox. Then, no matter how far away you are, whenever anyone puts anything in there, you get a notification on your smartphone. This is especially great for those days when you can’t remember if the mail runs or not. And unlike other devices that have attempted to do something similar, this does not rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies. Postybell actually eliminates the Read More

Rescape Revolutionizes First Person Shooters For Mobile

Rescape is an exciting new creation that turns any environment into a virtual environment and places you and your co-players within the game itself. Specifically designed for mobile phones, the system is now open via Kickstarter to any interested gamers and/or developers, who want to join in on the fun of taking First Person Shooters to the next level. We’ve got to give the guys at 13th Lab credit for coming up with this. While VR headsets are making huge advancements in the future of gaming, little had been done to bring mobile platforms up to date. With this creation, Read More

Neso Sunshade: Don’t Hit The Beach Without It

Neso Sunshades are a brilliant evolution of the standard beach umbrella and tent. Rather than spending more time than you should setting up something that gets blown over with the first stiff breeze or something that takes five people to install, you can quickly and easily get this thing going. All you have to do is lay out the tent. Fill the attached sandbags with sand, then use the tent poles to lift and hold the canopy in place, no stakes required. Neso Sunshades are perfect for the summer beach run, and are currently available on Kickstarter for just $54. Read More

Android, Apple, Take Notes: This Should Be Your SmartWatch

Gabor Balogh is the mind behind this exquisite design for the smartwatch that Android and Apple designers should be working feverishly to produce. As most of you know, the smartwatches that are out there at present have an annoying knack for announcing to the world, “Look at me, I’m a smartwatch!” Few of them (if any) look like the real deal. Balogh’s clean reimagining of the smartwatch allows for numerous features while keeping a simple and striking design that could very well fool your friends into thinking it’s a sophisticated timepiece instead of a cheap knockoff. Balogh brought his designs Read More