This Is The New 2016 Toyota Prius

Under the blazing heat of last week’s International Auto Show, Toyota unveiled a totally redesigned Prius for 2016. Looking like something out of sci-fi, the new Prius is definitely features one of Read More

HTC Makes Their Own iPhone 6S With Their New One A9 Flagship

When you think “iPhone knockoff” you undoubtedly think of Samsung. For years the Korean titan slavishly copied every aspect of Apple’s software and hardware design. That is, until they got smacked down Read More

Ghost In The Shell Gets Its Own Virtual Reality Film

Things have finally come full circle. Ghost in the Shell, the hit animated movie which deals with such sci-fi themes such as virtual lives, is now getting its own virtual reality film Read More

Nucleus Wants To Bring Frictionless Video Conferencing To The Masses

The folks at Nucleus think that the current state of videoconferencing is fundamentally broken. While there’s never been such a wide breadth of videoconferencing options for users to choose from, all of Read More

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Meet Solu, The Future Of ‘Social Computing’

When it comes to tech, Finland definitely punches above its weight class. The small Scandinavian nation has given us the likes of Nokia and Jolla and now it looks like it’s about Read More

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Leave Knicks And Scrapes Behind When You Switch To Harry’s

An exceptional click is only just a click away when you visit Harry’s. Made by a group of people who were tired of having to compromise between over-priced razors that disrespect your Read More

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MeUndies Is The Best. Period.

As a man you probably don’t really spend a whole lot of time thinking about your underwear. Besides the obvious choices between boxers and briefs or color options there’s just not a Read More

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Meet Skybuds, The Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds Ever

Wireless headphones might sound good on paper, but in practice they always end up being more of a hassle than they’re worth. They require near-constant charging and chances are that your power/USB Read More