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Gerber Cable Dawg Tool

Maybach Exelero

These Nut Butters Are A Real Kick In The Nuts, In A Good Way

The company behind this product is one after my own heart, I say, shortly after polishing off a jar of peanut butter at 2:15 am. Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters add a nice kick to the spreads you’re used to. No oils, no preservatives, these are still shelf-safe products with an undeniable burst of flavor. With the new Kickstarter project, you can get a jar in three unique blends — Spicy Thai, Garam Masala and Honey Chipotle. (If that doesn’t liven your pulse, there’s no hope for ya.) Just what’ll it cost you? Well, that’s where it can get a tad Read More

The Filmography Of Aircraft Soars

As both a film buff and a guy who has to stop and look at the planes every time they buzz overhead, this project, now available via Kickstarter from creator Cathryn Lavery, really speaks to me. Called “The Filmography of Aircraft,” Lavery has created a unique poster concept that celebrates movies in flight (or perhaps it’s flight in movies). In all, more than 100 years of aviation in film play out on this sky blue canvas. Through 66 hand-detailed illustrations, Lavery takes us from the Wright Flyer of the early 1900s straight through the Top Gun Tomcat and beyond. This Read More

OYO Bourbon Barrel Honey Vanilla Vodka From Middle West Spirits

Columbus, Ohio’s own Middle West Spirits are the geniuses behind this sweet makeup of honey vanilla vodka that will have you sneaking a shot into every drink (and maybe even a few by themselves). This incredible concoction has been distilled from red winter wheat and local wildflower honey. There are traces of vanilla bean thrown in for good measure. Once the ingredients are there, they sit in OYO bourbon barrels for up to a year (no less than nine months) until ready to greet the world. (And that’s how you create both a mixer and a straight shooter in one Read More

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Ojas Speakers Beat Any You’ve Ever Seen (Or Heard)

SATURDAYS NYC and Devon Turnbull have teamed up on a new set of speakers that very few of us will be able to afford. The huge price tag is justified by some expert designs from Turnbull as well as quality construction and a smooth-as-silk sound that make it the ultimate accessory to any house party. Despite graduating with a degree in audio engineering, Turnbull chose a career rooted in fashion and visual design, and that on-the-job training shows in every inch of this mechanism. In addition to founding the Ojas brand, Turnbull served as the Design Director and co-founder of Read More

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The Academy Of Men: Teaching You How To Be More Manly

Heaven knows there are a lot of weak-kneed lily-livers in the world today, and they’re in severe need of an education. The Boy Scouts try, but there are some skills they just can’t teach. That’s where the Academy of Men comes in to play. With the group’s Manliness Kits, they seek to give up-and-coming young men and those of you in arrested development all that you need to know to be more manly. The Kickstarter campaign launches Sunday for the shaving kit, but that’s not the full extent of what these guys have up their sleeves. They also plan on Read More

Supercharged Dodge Challenger Is Back: Vanishing Point Lives On!

The newly consolidated Dodge and SRT brands are launching out of the gate at full throttle, introducing the new 600-plus horsepower 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with a Hellcat engine and its stablemate – the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT – just one month after taking the wraps off the new Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI® Scat Pack Shaker at the New York Auto Show. With the supercharged version, you’ll feel like Kowalski tearing up the open roads and leaving the po-po in the dust. Our only complaint thus far: no white version! Surely that’s got to happen at some point. In the Read More

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Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive Pack: Tear And Share Large Files On The Go

Gigs 2 Go Tear-And-Share Flash Drive Pack allows you to carry anywhere from 4GB to 64GB of extra storage in your wallet at all times. Tabs come in 1GB, 8GB, and 16GB varieties (times four). All you have to do is tear a tab off the carrier, plug it in to your USB, and begin transferring files. Another added perk of Gigs 2 Go is that you can customize it with your company logo for some extra coin (starting with the 32GB pack). Those run around $70, but the standard 4GB variety can be yours for only $25. Just click Read More

OutRunner: Your Terrifying New Running Buddy

Need a running buddy, but aren’t that great at making friends? The OutRunner Robot from Robotics Unlimited can be your traveling companion. He’s lightweight, stylish, and he perfectly simulates running to a tee. Just how good is OutRunner? On a treadmill, he can go as high as 45 miles per hour; in the field, 25 miles per hour. (Needless to say, he’ll hose you.)  Add in a cool looking design and a somewhat terrifying spider-like appearance, and you’ve got the ultimate robot, through and through. The Kickstarter is currently underway with 16 days left to go. Get the barebones edition Read More