FEIT “GALAXY” Biotrainer

This has been a great year for FEIT with the main highlight being the brand’s new-found recognition on the world stage. As a way to cap off an excellent year, FEIT unveiled the “GALAXY” Read More

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Fitbit “Charges” Forward With New Fitbit Charge

The new Fitbit Charge is finally available for sale. Now, the Fitbit Charge is not much popular for some because it’s basically a revamped Fitbit Force. You know, the one that got recalled Read More

NAOS QG – The First Smart Gaming Mouse

Sweden-based Mionix labs has developed the first mouse that will track your heart rate, galvanic skin response (read: sweat levels), and actions-per-minute (APMs). The NAOS QG aims to make you the best-gamer-you-can-be Read More

Casio G-Shock Aviation Watch

Have you ever wondered if there is a watch out there that is made specifically with an aviator in mind? Well, the Casio G-Shock Aviation GA1000 is one such watch. It comes Read More

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The Samsung SE790C Is The World’s First Widescreen Curved Monitor

Attention gamers, Samsung’s new ultra-widescreen curved monitor is the monitor you’ve always dreamed of. The SE790C is actually the first monitor to combine two trends we’ve been seeing in the computer display Read More

StoneTether Proves Good Things Come In Small Packages

Misplacing your keys sucks. You know what’s even worse? Misplacing your child. Those are exactly the types of situations that StoneTether, the newest KickStarter-based tracking device, hopes to prevent. Much like Tile Read More

Apple’s CarPlay Has Landed With The Pioneer AppRadio 4

The first generation of Apple CarPlay systems has arrived. CarPlay, for those of you not in the know, is Apple’s connected car strategy which aims to provide easy access to your phone’s Read More

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New Fx0 Phone Features Elegant Transparent Design And Firefox OS

Let’s face it, a lot of smart phones look the same: metal or plastic back and touchscreen up front. Fx0, the new Firefox OS flagship phone designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka Read More