The Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica

Ejamsi Necktie And Wallet

22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper

Hoboroll: The Essential Stuff Sack For Life’s Adventures

If the thought of spending all your free time in front of a computer or smartphone is one of Dante’s seven layers of Hell to you, and you’d rather be outside hitting the trails and scaling the mountains, then the Hoboroll is for you. This stuff sack keeps all items internally separated and offers a deceptive amount of space for the things that you need to survive. The compartments inside the bag are comparable to a tackle-box, keeping gear separate and open for ease of access and organization. The nylon straps allow for radial compression, enabling you to cinch it Read More

Iota: A No-Fees, Long-Lasting GPS Tracker

Iota professes to be the smallest, longest-lasting GPS tracker in the world. However, the California-based company notes that their device does way more, while on a new nationwide network with no monthly fees. For just $129 during the Kickstarter ($199 retail), you can put this to work for you, tracking everything from your bicycles and pets to your cars and children. The Iota features a long-range radio for constant support, an accelerometer, speaker, Bluetooth capabilities, temperature sensor, GPS, and emergency alert button. Now you can never lose sight of what’s important, and keeping your things and the people you love Read More

ZeroGrand From COLE HAAN

ZeroGrand from COLE HAAN is a gorgeous new line of shoes featuring a lightweight body, fewer seams, and freeing mobility. With a heft of just 290 grams, these shoes offer a comfort normally reserved for long-distance runners, and move with graceful flexibility every step of the way. Body-wise, you can get two different types of shoe in the ZeroGrand line — the stitchless and the suede. There are eight different body styles, and we’ve always been bigger suede fans ourselves, but for that, you’ll need to pony up a little extra dough ($268 instead of the stitchless $248). Either way, Read More

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The Patio Table Mosquito Canopy Could Make Your Summer Much Easier

The Patio Table Mosquito Canopy from Hammacher is an enclosure that fits over a patio table’s umbrella to provide a protective canopy that keeps out biting insects. Eliminating the need for sprays or candles, it is made from sturdy 68-denier polyester netting too small for insect pests to penetrate, and it fits over umbrellas up to nine feet in diameter while its 96 inches of length extends all the way to the ground. The bottom’s entire perimeter stays flush with the ground to keep out insects in breezes using an integrated PVC ring that can be filled with water. A Read More

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Smartphone Hacks: Use iPhone 5 Series As A Flashlight

This article is for the common smartphone user, who doesn’t know how to do certain things with their phone until faced with a situation where they actually need it. For those of you who already know, move along now! Recently at Taco Bell, my hand must have hit something to turn on the ultra-bright flashlight built in to my iPhone 5S. After fumbling around in the Settings for a bit trying to turn it off, I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. So I handed it to the kid behind the counter, and he didn’t either. Read More

Star Trek: Axanar, The Newest Feature Film You Haven’t Heard About

Say what you want about the ongoing debate between which sci-fi franchise is better — Star Trek or Star Wars — but one thing is for certain: the Star Wars camp just aren’t as inventive as the Trekkers. It took Disney buying out Lucasfilm for us to get another SW film or TV series. When Trek fans go without, they just decide to make them themselves. That’s why we have Star Trek Continues, Star Trek Phase II, and now this, Star Trek: Axanar, a new slick-looking feature film funded through the Kickstarter community. Axanar takes place 21 years before the Read More

CaseCam Could Be The Death Of The Selfie, And That’s A Good Thing

The death of the selfie is imminent. That’s because CaseCam, now underway over on Kickstarter, is a brilliant case/tripod for your smartphone that allows you to take group pictures without having to hold the phone or remove the picture taker from the shot. So now instead of holding your phone out in front of you like a dolt and making that idiotic duck face that is almost instinctive, you can stand there like a normal human being taking a picture. The CaseCam app allows you to monitor what the pic-snapping smartphone is doing so you can make sure that the Read More

Emberlight Turns Any Dimmable Bulb Into A Smart Light

The Emberlight is capable of turning any dimmable bulb into a smart bulb by simply connecting to your existing Wi-Fi router, no hub required! Featuring plug-and-play easy installation and the ability to automate based on Bluetooth proximity, you’ll be able to sculpt lighting patterns around your life and even set certain moods with the touch of your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you buy one light for $49 or get several for every room in the house, you’ll only need one control source. There are even preset moods so you don’t have to play a guessing game while in a Read More