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1805 Imperial Phantom Pocket Watch

AT-ST Scout Walker Life-Size Replica

Ziggy: The Most Fashionable Coatrack You’ve Ever Seen

The Ziggy is a strong modular hanging system that you can use as wall decor even as you’re providing a home to your heavy coats and hangable objects. As you arrange Ziggy into the pattern of your choice, you’re left with something that looks great on your wall even when you’re not technically putting it to use. The project comes in both white and black options, and is currently available on Kickstarter for $23 (in a single) and $62 in a quad. If you want more than that, you’ll have to ante up. You’ve got about 26 days to figure Read More

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Glowdeck: Wireless Charger, Speaker, Voice Assistant In One

Glowdeck is a cool new device from the Power Light and Sound Co., Inc., out of Brooklyn, New York, that enables you to listen to music, send voice texts and calls, and charge your device all from one wireless location. To get the juice, simply lay your Qi-compatible device on top of Glowdeck, and it’ll take care of the rest. To enable voice commands, just press down on the top of Glowdeck’s hub. Use the app to receive and read/listen/watch notifications from all of your preferred news and social media streams throughout the day. And thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you Read More

LEGO Musicians Rock Out

LEGO can be used for so many things that it’s sometimes hard to remember they started as, and mostly remain, children’s toys. Still, that hasn’t stopped LEGO artist Adly Syairi Ramly from taking everyone’s favorite construction toys and recreating 20 of the world’s most famous bands with them. To this point, adults who play with LEGO have stayed primarily in the sci-fi and superhero genres, though we also remember a recent inclusion of Breaking Bad. Never, however, have we seen someone take on the music genre with such obvious skill and fervor. Our personal favorites presented here (creations, not bands) Read More

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IKOS Lets You Build Almost Anything

Move over LEGO. There is a new construction toy on the block, and it’s called IKOS. Using this new invention from the folks at iko, you’ll be able to build a multitude of cool-looking and functional things (not just stuff you get to pose in your man-cave). Examples: a desk lamp, a customizable 3D puzzle, posable (and flexible) toys, sculptures, organizers, and much, much more. No matter what age you are, this is the toy for you!  Get it now on Kickstarter in a number of packages. The cheapest is $22 and comes with 40 IKOS. The most expensive practical Read More

Tour London’s Historic Pubs With Coffee Table Book

In keeping with our theme of high quality beer today, we figure there is no time better than the present to share this latest Kickstarter project, which seeks to bring London’s most famous and infamous pubs to your coffee table. Surrounded by fog and cobbles a few of these iconic London institutions have managed to survive, hidden in remote parts of Hackney, Stepney, Limehouse, Poplar, Bethnal Green, and spookiest of all, Whitechapel. (Jack the Ripper, anyone?) It’s like stepping into a part of the city’s rich heritage without the pints and the working girls, of course.  The book will be Read More

Score A Virtual Knockout Whether Gaming Or Exercising

Ever wanted to knock a fool out, but didn’t want to risk getting knocked out yourself? Today you’re in luck because we have the Virtual Knockout System. You can play it either as a traditional video game or as a full body workout system. Here’s how it works: A virtual trainer throws lefts, rights and overhead mitts along a 3D path and you have to tap on either side when they reach a specified target area. Overhead mitts are a different color and shape and require a downward thumb slide in order to duck and avoid a point deduction penalty.  Read More

New Footage From Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

Played out as the superhero genre may be, there are still two things we can’t get enough of around the inStash offices. First, good old Captain America himself; and next, the Black Widow as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Luckily, the first 11 minutes of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier was released this week, giving us a healthy dose of both. In the clip, you will mostly see ScarJo kicking some serious butt and hinting at a much larger role in the film. Libido aside, the film really does look like a a lot of fun, though we are still Read More

Beer Bucket List: 231 Of The World’s Best Beers

Compiling this list of the best beers in the world made us realize a few things: 1) We’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Samuel Adams so apologies in advance. 2) The true “best” really depends on what your taste buds are telling you at the time. In other words, at some point any one of these 231 could be our No. 1, save for the one non-alcoholic we included. 3) There are a LOT of beers out there in the world at large. 4) We drink way too much of them, though there’s nothing wrong with that from Read More

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