Bake Perfect Dishes With The June Smart Oven

Imagine your oven. You doing it? Good. Now imagine that same oven with enough computing power to run Half-Life 2. Seems like overkill to you? The San Francisco-based team behind June don’t Read More

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Apple’s Streaming Music Service Is Here To Take On Spotify

Boom. Apple just announced its entry into the streaming music space, and probably just caused everyone over at Spotify to simultaneously wet their pants. That’s because Apple’s new streaming service won’t just Read More

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Newsstand Is Dead. Long Live Apple News!

iOS’ Newsstand app is dead. The truth is that Newsstand didn’t just die at Apple’s hand during WWDC 2015, though. Newsstand has actually been dead for a while now. What started as Read More

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MOTI Harnesses Pavlovian Conditioning To Motivate You

We’re nearly a third of the way through the year and we’re sure that you still haven’t gotten started on that New Year’s Resolution. If you find that you’ve been lacking motivation Read More

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The Nomad Pod Is The Perfect Backup Battery Solution For The Apple Watch

A watch as stylish and well designed as the Apple Watch deserves an accessory that’s equally stylish and well-designed. That’s why if you’re part of the over one million people who pre-ordered Read More

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Save Money On Your Energy Bill With Ecobee 3

Move over Nest, Ecobee wants a chance at the smart thermostat throne. The new Ecobee 3 is here and it’s promising lower heating and cooling bills as well as superior design and Read More

The E01 Is The Future Of The Digital Picture Frame

It seems like digital picture frames came and went without making too much of a splash. But New York startup Electric Objects thinks that the digital picture frame just hasn’t lived up Read More

Almond+ Is A Revolution In Routers

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your router. They just aren’t that exciting. Until now. Meet Almond+, an amazingly fast and powerful router which is also a highly capable smarthome Read More