WildCat: A 16 Mile-Per-Hour Robot That Moves Like A Horse

WildCat is a four-legged robot currently in development with the intent of having it run fast on all types of surfaces and terrains.. So far, WildCat has run at about 16 miles per Read More

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Google Play Is Now On Roku

If Google wanted to steal the keys of the entertainment kingdom from Apple, they may have just done it by deciding to give Roku users access to the entirety of the online Read More

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Signature Touch By Vertu: How Does An $11K Phone Sound?

Signature Touch by Vertu isn’t a phone designed for people like me. It is close to $11,000 of mobile phone overreach with a gorgeous sapphire display, a 13MP main camera (2.1MP front-facing), Read More

Popcorn Ball: Finally, A Way To Butter Every Piece!

The Popcorn Ball is an innovative new product that promises to get the best distribution of butter and seasonings with very little effort. By taking America’s favorite snack out of the bag Read More

Gentleman Scholar Wins Halloween With Hilarious Skeleton Video

Gentleman Scholar is a production company that started in 2010 and worked in relative obscurity until now. The reason you will soon know the name? They’ve created the best viral Halloween video Read More

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Microsoft Band: Yep, Another Fitness Wearable

Apple and Android seemingly have the market covered on wrist wearables that encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle while connecting you to friends and family. This is unacceptable to Microsoft so Read More

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The Lighter That Needs No Spark

Ever heard of a Catalytic Lighter? Apparently in the old days of smoking, magic smoker people were able to make flames without any sparks. They did it using this device, pictured above Read More

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Cheese-Eaters, This Defibrillator Drone Could One Day Save Your Life

Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, a student at the TU Delft University, has developed a drone that could one day save your life, especially considering the astonishing number of men who die Read More