This Is The Only Hoodie You’ll Ever Need To Own

Are you a hoodie aficionado? Do you get mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg from time to time just due to the sheer number of hoodies that you own and wear? If you’ve answered Read More

James Bond Is At His Best In Spectre

Let’s face it, the James Bond film franchise was basically dead before Daniel Craig stepped in and injected some much needed freshness into the films. Blonde Bond, as he was once known, Read More

Meet Wove, The World’s First Flexible Wrist-Mounted Computer

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your iPad and snap it over your wrist like some kind of snap bracelet? That’s exactly what the folks behind Wove have done with Read More

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Misfit’s Shine 2 Aims To Detrhone The FitBit

Misfit just changed the activity tracking game. While their first-gen Shine band was a solid product with some fairly advanced tracking features, their new Shine 2 tracker ups the ante even further Read More

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Ninebot’s mini Takes On The Segway

If you’re still feeling slighted by all of the self-hype that Segway put out there before they announced their first-gen human transporter way back in 2001 then maybe you should look into Read More

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Into Stark Minimalism? You Need To Own This Timepiece

Are you the type of guy who prefers a beautifully designed and minimalistic timepiece? I so, then the brand new Divided By Zero watch is for you. If you’re curious about the Read More

Fallout Beer Is Now A Thing

Ever feel like you want to live in a post-nuclear wasteland? Now with Fallout Beer you can have a little taste of the wasteland! Fallout’s game developer, Bethesda, recently teamed up with Read More

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Philips Hue 2.0 Is HomeKit Compatible

The world’s best smart bulb just got even better. Meet the all new Philips Hue 2.0, which now includes Apple Home Kit support. If you’re wondering why that’s a big deal, it’s Read More

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