SLIIP Will Eliminate Snoring & Help You Get Beter Sleep

Now here’s a gadget that your significant other will be sure to love. Meet SLIIP, a device which can reduce your annoying snoring problem and help you and those you care about Read More

HoloLens Is Microsoft’s Future

Nearly a year ago Microsoft offered us a peak at what they believe will be the future of their company. The product, called Microsoft HoloLens for now, is a futuristic head-mounted device with Read More

Forget The MacBook Air, Get A Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Instead

If you’re a Microsoft fanboy looking for your own Windows-running equivalent of the new MacBook then look no further than the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Coming in at $1,349, the Yoga is Read More

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Momentary Ink Lets You Try A Tattoo Before Your Commit

The decision to go in and get a tattoo isn’t one to be taken lightly. From that day forward, you’l be carrying around some art which may wrinkle, sag, or just cause Read More

$15 Buy

Big Hands? The iPhone 6S Plus Is For You

If you’re an Apple owner who’s tired of having girlyman phones then rejoice! The iPhone’s bigger, plus-sized brother got an update this year, too. The brand new iPhone 6S Plus is a Read More

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End Snoring Forever With Silent Partner

Are you sick and tired of your loved one complaining about your loud snoring? Almost half of American men are snorers and their wives/girlfriends are often the victims of the unbearable nocturnal Read More

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Airinum Is How You’ll Breathe In A Pollution-filled Future

You might not know this but you breath in about 10,000 liters of air every day. While you need that air to survive, you’re also breathing in potentially harmful particles of pollution Read More

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Leather Ketchup Is The Future Of Condiments

Ketchup can make or break a hamburger. Too little and your burger will taste overly mustardy, while too much will ensure that your meal will taste like something out of the kid’s Read More