Solve Your Messy Pocket Situation With VolksDangler

Keys. Smartphone. Wallets. Flashlights. Pocket Knives. Pens. Flash Drives. The list of things we carry in our pockets from day to day goes on and on, yet why hasn’t anyone fundamentally rethought Read More

Beat Jetlag and Chronic Fatigue With Ayo

While wearable tech has been out for a couple of years now, most of the gadgets you see out there are focused on tracking your heart rate or calories burned. Suffice to Read More

Unleash Your Inner Musician With The Soundbrenner Pulse

If you’re a musician then you might be feeling a bit disappointed in the current range of wearables out there. Where’s the gadget for the intrepid guitarist or saxophone virtuoso? Search no Read More

Icos Is One Of The Sexiest Smartwatches We’ve Seen So Far

Does a smartwatch have to do everything? That’s the question that the Geneva-based product design team at Icos was likely asking themselves when they came up with their new Sport Steel Watch. Read More

Are You A Swimmer? You Need To Buy This Fitness Tracker

If you’re a swimmer then your fitness tracking options have been pretty limited so far. Some smart bands may offer swim-tracking capabilities but this functionality has always felt neglected and added-on not Read More

$149 Buy

Cur Is A Gadget That Will Heal What Ails You

1 in 3 people suffer from chronic pain. Whether its tendonitis or stubborn back pain, there’s a gadget called Cur (pronounced “cure”) that can help you better deal with pain and even Read More

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ReVault Offers A Fresh Spin On The Smart Watch

Finally! A Smartwatch that can do something else other than track your steps or send you push notifications. ReVault is the world’s first wearable private cloud which allows you to securely access Read More

The Garmin nuviCam LMTHD Is The Best GPS Device Money Can Buy

Remember stand-alone GPS? Those old devices that we used to put on our car dashboards and which would speak to us to let us know when we should turn left or right? Read More

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Turn Your iOS Device Into A Second Screen With Duet

Let’s be honest, you’re probably not using your iPad as much as you thought you would. The tablet which was once hailed as the future is computing is more likely gathering dust Read More