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Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

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StakeLight Set With LED Lighting And Emergency Strobe

We know that camping out in a tent is supposed to remove you from the ravages of technology and allow you to get “back to nature,” but does that mean all modern innovations should go by the wayside. We don’t think so. And if you’re going to bring a little 21st Century tech to your camping trip, why not go safety first with the Stake Light. The concept behind this is simple. Just use Stake Light on your tent and benefit from round the clock visibility with LED lighting and an emergency strobe feature for distress situations. Area mode provides Read More

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CorkNet: Make Any Table A Ping Pong Table

Many people don’t believe this, but back in my college days, I was a pretty ferocious ping pong player (or table tennis, if you prefer). Unfortunately, life happens, I got older, and fell out of practice. Well, that wouldn’t have happened had I had the CorkNet with me 24/7. This unique innovation from across the pond turns virtually any table into a ping pong table. Its primary purpose is to divide any surface so that it becomes table tennis-ready. However, you can also use it as a trivet if so inclined. The early bird on this Kickstarter project is still Read More

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Titanium Funnel Flask: Never Spill Again

Vargo Funnel Flask uses an integrated silicone funnel that allows you to pour just the right amount of [insert drink here] whenever you need it. Simply flip it up for easy filling, then fold it down to sip comfortably.  The 8-ounce titanium flask holds the drinks you love without adding an unfavorable taste, odor, or chemicals the way that so many drinks do.  The funnel also works well the other way around (transferring from the flask back to the bottle).  When Vargo says this baby is titanium, they mean pure titanium, including the lid, and yet it’s small and light enough Read More

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RunScribe: A Wearable For Data-Driven Athletes

RunScribe is a wearable for any of you concerned about athletic performance and competition. This gadget provides a 3D view of how you run, helping you to work smarter, longer, and with fewer injuries. It’s a lightweight running wearable that mounts on the back of your shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to precisely capture the movements of your foot during the gait cycle. The precision measurements, combined with runScribe’s kinematic engine delivers the most advanced set of running metrics available outside of a professional lab environment. While other running technologies offer limited information – merely tracking steps, distance and Read More

LightMode Helmets: Bringing TRON To Life While Keeping You Safe

Any TRON lovers in the house? If you are, and you’d rather be on two wheels instead of four, then we’ve got a must-have safety and fashion accessory that you’ll want to check out. Introducing the LightMode Helmet, a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet that gives you superior visibility as you’re blazing down the road. LightMode surrounds your head with electroluminescent (EL) materials in true 360° fashion. The modification helps riders become more visible in night settings by illuminating the highest point of the rider: their helmet. This is great for safety especially considering that motorcycles are roughly 1/6th the Read More

Must-Listen Podcasts No. 6: The Smartest Man In The World

Look, we all think we’re the Smartest Man in the World, but according to Greg Proops, there’s only one, and it’s him. Proops’ motto is that he is totally smarter than you, and if you don’t believe him then just listen to his podcast — sorry, “proopcast” — to have it proven to you in painful detail. Proops is a master of improv and his comedy is high energy. His podcast has been going strong on a weekly basis since September 2013, and he’s delightfully Parental Advisory, so make sure you’re not driving the kid around trying to get her Read More

Sake Anyone? Make Your Own With This Kit From Uncommon Goods

There are few things we like better in the last part of the year than traditional Japanese sake. Unfortunately for some, it isn’t always as available as it should be. Uncommon Goods, however, hopes to change that using both the power of the Internet and their own Sake Making Kit. This kit makes it easy with everything you’ll need (except 1 lb. of white raisins and 2.5 lbs. of sugar) to brew multiple one gallon batches of your own sake in a hands-on exploration of ancient art and science. Hailing from Nara period Japan (8th century CE), sake is a time-honored Read More

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Life-Sized Mousetrap: Yes, We Mean The Board Game

Growing up, one of my favorite board games in the world was Mousetrap. The bright colors, the mad, controlled chaos of kinetic energy: there’s a reason it’s been around as long as it has. But the game, designed by Rube Goldberg did have one caveat. It thought too small. Enter Mark Perez. Perez, a Mousetrap enthusiast, wondered what it would be like to bring the game to life in a 25-ton behemoth. And that’s just what he did. Perez has been operating the Life-Sized Mousetrap for a number of years now, and a thing like this requires constant upkeep. That’s Read More

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