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The Convert Case: One Case, Endless Possibilities

The Convert Case is a single phone case that can quickly and easily be interchanged with various attachments such as different images, designs, and functional add-ons, such as a wallet or kickstand. This multifunctional solution provides you with one phone case for all purposes. It’s the goal of the Convert Case to ensure that you never need another phone case, eliminating the hassle and decline in durability when switching between cases. Convert gives you the freedom to convert the functions of your phone’s case to meet changing needs, desires, and environments, and the starter package — one case and one Read More

Twelve24Clocks: A Bold New Way To Tell Time

When time is of the essence, it helps to know how much of it you’re dealing with. True, you could just fish around in your pocket and check the smartphone, but that can eat away at your battery, and it isn’t very practical when you can instead just look up from your chair and see it in big, bold digital numbers. Inspired by eInk technology, the Twelve24Clocks line delivers the goods. Featuring a cool aesthetic to spruce up any room, these clocks feature a battery that provides one year of non-stop functionality. There is also a world clock mode — Read More

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The Outdoor Strider: A Great Indoor Workout, Even Outdoors

This exercise machine is designed to withstand the elements and provides a low impact workout outdoors. The strider possesses a sturdy steel frame, stainless steel hardware, and an exterior coating that resists rust, corrosion, chips, and UV discoloration. It’s a weather-resistant build enabling a joint-friendly cardiovascular workout in the fresh air and sunshine, an environment that researchers have found encourages longer and more satisfying exercise sessions. Simply place your feet on the pedals and hold the handgrips, gliding legs back and forth to work the lower body without stressing the joints. Using the rotating handlebars, which swing back and forth Read More

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Table Air: A Purifier For Every Room Decor

Do you suffer from allergies or live in a highly pollution-prone area? If so, then you may want to pick up a Table Air from Kickstarter. This unique desktop item will allow you to clean things up with remote-controlled operation as well as a PM2.5 filter, ultraviolet disinfection, odor removal, and multiple air purification functions. Table Air also includes a built-in WiFi module, which can be controlled directly through Table Air’s mobile application, giving you functions like a remote switch and wind speed control. It also can assess the surrounding air quality and provide travel health recommendations. Furthermore, its stylish Read More

Infnty Box: Endless Entertainment Options

The Infnty Box gives you the ability to seamlessly run anything from a proprietary application to a large selection of apps designed for other hardware through the power of emulation technology. It uses Linux and XBMC and boasts 2GB of RAM. Utilizing Infnty, you’ll have access to free, high quality content in just a few clicks. Functions allow the user to play their own HD content and stream video and audio from the internet. It’s no wonder the team behind it says that this may be the last set top box you ever need. With a clean interface, it will Read More

Eight Acoustic Amplifier For iPhone 5/5s

The Eight Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone 5 and 5S is a thing of beauty. Finely crafted with no power source necessary, you can use Eight to amplify the audio source within your smartphone to a crisper and cleaner sound that fills the room instead of just the 12 inches in front of your nose. Eight also keeps your phone elevated for a better speakerphone and FaceTime experience while you’re going hands-free. Last but not least, its design will serve as a nice attraction for any room in the house. It’s classy, elegant, and just $288. Pick yours up now from Read More

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GoTenna: No Service, No Problem

Ever caught yourself in a crowded college football stadium, wanting to make that text to the girl you’re dating but unable to because of the natural data clog that 50,000 people jam-packed together can cause? Me, too! Luckily there’s now the GoTenna — motto: No Service? No Problem. — and it’s pretty friggin’ sweet. Using the GoTenna’s Bluetooth capability, you can simply pair the device to your smartphone. From there, you’re able to use low frequency radio waves to create messages, share your location, and enjoy end-to-end encryption with self-destructing communications. (Sorry, NSA, even though you probably know a way Read More

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Selfie Toasters: When You Just Can’t Get Enough Of You

Are you a big fan of yourself? Do you have issues leaving a mirror for longer than five minutes because you miss the sight of your own face? If so, the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation may have something to help you out. With the company’s new line of custom toasters, you don’t have to be famous or Jesus to end up with your face on a piece of toast. All you need to do is give the company the hi rez photo that you want — face, pet, symbol, doesn’t matter — and they’ll do the rest. Each toaster takes Read More

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