Christmas is fast approaching, and the closer it gets, the more stressful holiday gift shopping becomes. More often than not, it's hard to find the perfect gift idea for someone who seems to have everything already.

But actually, if your receiver is the grateful type, he will appreciate whatever gift you give him as long as it's useful and of great quality. All you have to know is his personality or, at least, his hobbies.

This is why we have been giving you lists of items that are categorized according to personality types, and each of these lists is comprised of handpicked items by our staff (who fit at least one of these personalities).

This time we have gift ideas for the sportsman.

Callaway Strata Tour Complete Set


We all know the crucial role the right golf clubs play in winning the game. So to ensure you consistently gain the upper hand in golf, get yourself the Callaway Strata Tour Complete Set. The 460cc forged driver, irons, and the fairway woods are both forgiving and made for distance while still allowing you to be in control. The hybrids give you more confidence on your swings while the putter provides more accuracy thanks to the visual alignment aid integrated into the club.

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle


Turn any free space into a driving range with the Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle. It includes a Trip Turf hitting mat, golf net, and training aids packed in a carry bag from Gear Hungry. The mat measures 40×62 cm while the net is 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D. It gives you a big space to practice your swings, and at the same time, saves your lawn from being worn out. This bundle is endorsed and designed by golf coach Chis Haack; hence, you're assured to get only the best combination of size and quality.

SKLZ Gold Flex – Golf Training Aid


Swing and tempo are two of the most crucial golf movements you have to master. There are other golf trainers out there, we know, but the ones we've seen are more of a tempo trainer than a swing one. It's not bad, but for those who need to practice both without using two different tools, this is for you. It combines quality construction and usability whether you're working on tempo, swing path, and understanding the clubhead. You may also practice rotating your arms through impact. It's available in either 40" or 48" and weighs 2.5lb.

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table


Table tennis is one of the most fun games we know, but what discourages us from playing it is setting the game station up. The heaviness of the table is usually disheartening. The STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table tries to eliminate that by creating a competition-ready table right off the bat. It comes 95% preassembled; hence it will only take you 10 minutes to set up the rest of the equipment. What's more, it has lockable casters so you can roll it on any flat surface. The table is also foldable thus making storing it easier to manage.

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Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball


What we don't like about the cheaply made dodgeballs are that they're easily deflated. Also, they have weird skins or materials that make them annoying to hold. Sometimes, these balls collect a lot of dirt. But not Mikasa dodgeball. It comes perfectly inflated from the get-go, and it stays that way for a very long time. It's bouncy and soft too, so being hit by this won't cause too much pain on your side. However, if you'd like it to add more air, you may do so. Just make sure it doesn't go beyond the maximum PSI.

Goalrilla Striker- Soccer Rebound Trainer


Soccer is fun and all until you're the one tasked to retrieve the ball. It's not only tiring but it makes you lose momentum. Good thing there's Goalrilla Striker- Soccer Rebound Trainer. It features a double-sided rebounding net and a durable powder coated steel frame that's also welded at the corners. It's about 5 to 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall, perfect for backyard practice and actual field games.

TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System


We've seen and tried a lot of compression shirts, but quite a lot of them are uncomfortable to use because either they're too tight or they don't wick away moisture as much. With TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System both of these problems are gone. These shirts are made from antimicrobial yarn that wicks away moisture fast. The reinforced zipper on the back makes sure you can make a full range of motion without any restrictions. The set includes the compression cover set, pocket set with 14 pockets, and gel weights.

The Pong Squad Football Beer Pong Table


One of the most common complaints we hear about beer pong is that it's messy. The cups fall off the table or they slide because the table is wet from all the spills. The Pong Squad Football Beer Pong Table got rid of that problem plus it added another level of fun. This beer pong table has 22 pre-drilled holes for your cups so they stay in place. These holes are also protected with plastic rims. What's more, the entire table is football field inspired. It measures 8 (L) feet x 2 feet (W) x 2.5 feet (H) Folds 2 x 2 foot yet it's perfectly portable because it's foldable and lightweight.

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Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard


Don't you hate it when you already hit bullseye but then the dart bounces out just because the board can't hold the darts easily? We know exactly what that feels. So here's the dartboard we and more than a thousand of other users recommend. The Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is made from very durable construction and makes sure your darts are grabbed pretty well. What's more, it features a staple-free technology so you get more space for winning and less possibility of bounce outs caused by staple wires.

Da Vinci Poker Chip Set w/Case & Cards


You don't always to go to Vegas to enjoy your favorite poker game. Da Vinci Poker Chip Set w/Case & Cards lets you turn any party into a night out in Vegas. It includes 500 11.5 gram poker chips, 2 decks of playing cards, and a carrying case. The cards and chips are nicely built with just the right amount of weight. It's almost the same weight of the real chips you would play in Vegas. The only thing missing though is the value on each of the chips, but they're color-coded so that should not be much of an issue.

Barrington Texas Holdem Poker Table


To make your Texas Holdem Poker even more realistic, get this Barrington table that's made just for that. It measures 46 x 46 x 9 inches and accommodates up to ten people. What we like most about it is that it has a nice touch of quality and elegance to it while remaining very easy to set up (takes about 1 minute). The wool-blend felt surface is smooth enough for the cards to glide while remaining easy to clean. A damp cloth is usually enough. The steel frame and deck support are sturdy and durable. It also has built-in cup holders to keep your drinks from spilling on the table top. What's more, this item offers a 30-day guarantee in case you're not satisfied by its performance.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete


A lot of skateboards we've tried have either low-quality wheels and board. There have been times when we would order an extra set of wheels just to have that smooth ride we like. With the KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, however, that's been solved. The wheels roll smoothly from the get-go, and the board is very well-built. Some users even reported that even after crashes, the board doesn't have any visible damage.

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Onemix Men’s Sport Running Shoes


It’s challenging to get the right pair of shoes. Although there are a lot of great options out there, we are usually required to cough up a couple hundred bucks, which we know isn't ideal for everyone. So here's a more affordable option: the Onemix Men’s Sport Running Shoes. It offers almost the same comfort as the other more expensive brands while remaining less than $70. What's more, it has colorful reflections, which will make you visible in the dark. Another affordable option is the Aleader Men’s Training Shoes Fashion Walking Sneakers and Adidas Outdoor Men’s Climacool Jawpaw Slip On Walking-Shoes.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball


We know how reliable Spalding is when it comes to basketball. It is, in fact, one of our favorite brands. We love how its materials are well-built that it won't show signs of wear even after months of use. Also, this size 29.5" basketball provides perfect texture for a good grip even when your palms are a bit sweaty. The ball is delivered perfectly inflated right out of the box. Hence, you can play with your friends right away after receiving it.

Lifetime In Ground Power Lift Basketball System


Driveway basketball kits are we've tried are flimsy. It's either the backboard or the rim breaks easily. The Lifetime In Ground Power Lift Basketball System, however, you get a sturdier build for both. Sure, it doesn't have the same quality as the permanent hoops you see in an indoor court, but this should offer the same level of fun. It also does shake a little more than the more expensive in-ground hoops, but for this price, this quality is great. Also, it may not come with a tempered glass backboard but it's still shatterproof so it's nice.

Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER Fight Gloves


If you're looking for fight gloves but you don't want to hurt your budget, try this one from Anthem Athletics. It offers almost the same comfort as the Winning Gloves but this one is much more affordable. It also includes wrist support so for mitts and bag work, this is great. It's made from premium buffalo leather, triple density PU foam, and padding for comfort, protection, and durability.

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Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate


Comfort in rollerblading is a crucial factor. You may be the expert in rolling and skating, but without comfortable rollerblades, you'll just hurt yourself. Hence, if you don't want to hurt your feet after doing all the tricks or rollerblading for a long time, this is for you. It has comfortable padding and lining that provides all the needed cushioning. Plus, it features a convenient closure system to fasten your feet in place. The supportive low balance shell and the 80mm wheels paired with SG5 bearings gives you the perfect roll every time. What's more, you get all these benefits for less than $100.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller


Sore muscles are probably part of adulthood. With all the strenuous tasks we do, it's impossible not to get a day without back pain or shoulder pain. While we can always take NSAIDs and other similar drugs, some of us still want to go the traditional route. And TriggerPoint is here to help. This foam roller is made from EVA Foam Over Hollow Core, and its design is patented. It can be used to relieve sore muscles and joints, prevent and recover from injuries, and increase blood circulation and body's flexibility. Anyway, it's a perfect alternative if you want to loosen those very tight muscles.

Finis Zoomer Z2 Gold Fins


If you take swimming as a workout as well, the Finis gold fins are your perfect companion. Aside from helping you kick fast and move more water than other fins, these actually help you work out your legs while you do. It's a bit longer than the Zoomer V2 because of the added toe box, but this is actually good for long swims. It's also a bit heavier than the V2, but you can really feel the propulsion when you swim. If you're a swimming instructor, you may find this better than the longer kicks as it encourages the natural racing kick. Most of all, it doesn't give you blisters even after hours of swimming and training.

FINIS Original Swimmer’s Snorkel


Seeing what's underneath the sparkling surface of the ocean is one of our favorite activities. But since we were born without fins nor gills, we need something that will allow us to stay submerged for a prolonged period. One of the best snorkel accessories we found is this one from FINIS. The mouthpiece has enough parts and pieces you can bite on, so it stays in your mouth. The pipe stays out of the water if you don't go too deep. Plus the headband that comes with it is perfectly adjustable both width or diameter and height, so it guarantees you get a perfect fit.

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Tanner Tee


There are hundreds of options out there for a tee, but none can hold a candle to the Tanner Tee, and hundreds of people agree (check Amazon reviews). What makes this stand out is that it has the perfect combination of portability, durability, and usefulness. It weighs only about 6 pounds, but it can tackle any hit without it breaking or at least cracking. Also, it has the perfect weight to stay standing upright if hit on the right spot and fall over easily when hit too low. This is also easily adjusted with the lowest at 26 inches and the highest at 43".

TKO Anti-Burst Fitness Ball


We love fitness balls because it is a great alternative to gym sessions if you want to tone muscles or increase flexibility. What we don't like about some of them though is that they can't hold much weight. Some users who have tried it weigh more than 270 lbs. and the ball didn't give up on them. And even if it's punctured, it won't blow up. Instead, it will deflate slowly. What's even nicer is that it comes with Cory Everson's fitness guide. In case you don't know, Everson is a six-time Ms. Olympia bodybuilding champ. The ball comes with a pump and instructional wall chart.

OUTAD 36 Inch Sharp Shooter Table Top Billiard Table


Playing pool indoors with friends is probably one of the most fun, sober games you can do. But getting your own pool table usually means spending a lot of money to get one or saving money but getting a crappy table in return. But that's not the case with the OUTAD billiard table. It may be small, but it's well-built. Plus, it has everything you need for the game? brush, 16 mini balls, 1 billiards cue, and ABS black tripod holder. The table measures 918 x 462 x 75mm while the court size is 850 x 400mm.

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game


One of our favorite arcade games is the basketball or ball shooting, whatever you call it. And we are so excited to find this indoor basketball you can actually place in your own room. It measures 81″L x 48″W x 80.5"H but is foldable down to 48″L x 20″W x 80.5"H. It has 8 different games for solo or head-to-head mode. To complete that arcade feel, it comes with LED scoreboard and arcade sound effects. All you have to add are three AA batteries, and you can turn your mancave into an instant arcade. It includes three 7-inch inflatable basketballs with the ESPN logo. Air pump also included.

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MD SPORTS Air Powered Hockey Table


We've tried different air powered hockey tables, and one of our most common complaints is the unevenness of the table's surface itself. That's not the case with MD SPORTS. It has a nicely smooth playing surface plus the table's height is adjustable. It also has leg levelers. What's more, this table keeps an automated scoring with a scoring panel. There are a few problems with the installation though. Some reported missing screws. But since it uses standard screws, you can easily find a replacement somewhere in your garage. The table measures 89 x 48 x 32 inches and weighs 175 lbs.

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table


For the foosball lovers who want solid foosball table but are on a budget, try this one from Atomic. But let us warn you that it may take hours for this to get assembled. Some people report about 4 hours, but once it's all done, the unlimited fun follows. Also, note that the pieces and screws come in exact numbers, so be careful not to lose even one. Going to the fun part, the entire table is made from durable MDF with bamboo laminate, has a manual scoring system (abacus), built-in ball return, and hollow chrome steel rods that are not only stylish but also comfortable.



Whether you want something for your personal training or are looking for another equipment for your commercial fitness room, this power rack has a lot to offer. It includes Sumo Base, Monkey Chin Bar, Rod and Pipe Safety Pins, Quick Adjust Safety Pins, Band Pegs Top and Bottom, Band Storage , Chain Storage with UHMW, Weight Storage with UHMW, Extra J Cups, 2 Bar Holders, Suspended Safety Chain Hooks, Numbered Posts, Angled Safety Gusset on Jcups, Texture Coated Rack Posts, and a dip attachment. The overall squatting area is 36".



If you have always felt like falling when you do bench presses or anything similar because of the pad gaps, you don't have to with the COLLEGIATE 0-90 BENCH. It features the shortest pad gap with four adjustment points depending on your preferred training angle. It also boasts of better stability because there are no pop-up pins used plus a chrome checker plate walk-up.

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If you want to develop your arms, legs, and hips fast, get this Prowler 2. It is built for sled dragging and pushing that builds upper and lower body endurance. It measures  43″x 36″x 16" excluding the upright poles and weighs 75 lbs. It may be used on almost any type of surface including grass, concrete, pavement, rubber, or artificial turf.



Glutes are one of the most crucial parts to work on to achieve our dream beach bod, so to help you get to your goal faster, get the G3 from ELITEFTS™. It measures 65″L x 52″T x 29″W  and allows you to do several routines mainly Glute Ham Raises, Wide Stance Glute Ham Raises, Back Raises, Bilateral Leg Lifts, One, Leg Glute Ham Raises, One Leg Back Raises, Side Bending Torso Training, Russian Twists, and many more.

Surge® Recovery – Chocolate


We never thought workout drinks can actually be this delicious. We've tried a lot that tastes like cough syrup, but not Surge® Recovery. It's great for post workout if you want to stimulate anabolism while recovering fast and gaining serious muscle mass. Its formula is primarily designed to stimulate your hormones to reduce catabolism and increase anabolism while giving you the proper nutrient ratio.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


We know what Whey does to our body. The only challenge is finding the right brand that delivers results. We've taken the guesswork out for you, so all you have to do is try this out for yourself and be part of the thousands of satisfied customers who have been believers. If you're serious about getting big, get this and see the results for yourself. It comes in different flavors but try to mix it with shakes so you won't be one of the complainants against its taste. You may also try NAKED WHEY Protein Powder.

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Creatine Monohydrate Powder Micronized


Improving your overall strength is crucial if you want to boost muscle size. So here's a tried-and-tested brand that gives you all the benefits of creatinine without any side effects. Literally thousands are swearing by its effectiveness in giving you strength and focus so you can get to your goals fast. You may get a chalky taste though, so try mixing it with shakes. You can also opt for Biotest Creatinine Monohydrate or the Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder.

BulkSupplements Pure N-Acetyl L-Glutamine Powder


If you want to recover faster after an intense workout or any activity, make sure to have this with you all the time. Users have been all praise for this saying how it helps them with their bone and skin issues. It also helps you endure activities longer because it keeps your heart rate low. It may also have that weird taste so mix it with your daily shake.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA


For increased muscle size, improved strength, and faster recovery, you may also include in your stack the ZMA. Allegedly, it also improves your sleep giving you lucid dreams and the fresh feeling after waking up. If you're having a hard time adjusting due to changing sleep patterns but still want to keep up with your workout routine, this one is the answer.

The Ultimate Life – The Ultimate Meal

They say that losing weight it 80% diet and 20% exercise. But with all the scrumptious burger advertisements around us, that ratio is hard to follow. To make sure you stay full most of the day, take the ultimate meal with you and surely your hunger pangs will be greatly reduced. It contains most of our nutritional needs for the day; hence taking this keeps you full longer.

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Crazy Cooler – Motorized Cooler


Taking cold beverages with you means bringing a cooler or a portable fridge. But if the distance from the parking lot to the party area is definitely a "hell no," this motorized cooler will surely help. It features a 49cc engine, all-terrain wheels, 48L cooler, a wheelie bar, and safety bumper. It may be a challenge going uphill, however.


We have always heard that it's the thought that counts when it comes to gifting. That is completely true. But it should not be just any thought. It should be something that's been carefully considered and researched.

But since we know you don't have enough time to research, we did the work for you; thus, all that's left is for you to pick items from our list. And we guarantee you, they're some of the best available on the market.

Also, be sure to check out our other lists for the home brewer and chef, tech geek, computer guy and gamer, outdoorsman, and the DIY'er.

If your giftee doesn't fit any of the above categories, check out or stocking stuffer list. There's at least one for everyone on that list.

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