Even though we have known a person for quite some time, picking the best gift for them still sounds stressful. “What if they don’t like my gift?” is almost always our main concern.

This is why we have been creating a list of gift ideas for you. We’ve had one for chefs and home brewers, the tech geeks, the DIY’ers, the gamers, and now for those who love the outdoors.

Each of the items on our lists is handpicked by inStash staff, who are either a techie, a chef, a homebrewer, or DIY’er themselves. These items are chosen based on our own preferences while at the same time considering what you might be interested in.

We also made a lot of research about them to guarantee you that you’ll never go wrong with everything here. These gift ideas for the outdoorsman are so good, you’ll probably get them for yourselves.

Plano Large 3-Tray with Top Access Tackle Box

Being always on the go means you need a storage that can fit most, if not all, of the stuff you have to take with you. But that doesn’t mean any bag will do. It has to be sturdy, durable, and organized too just like the Plano Large 3-Tray with Top Access Tackle Box. It’s 19.2 x 10 x 9.8 inches big and has three trays with 29-39 compartments to keep your tools organized. The top two have DuraView lens so you can take a peek at what’s inside. And it’s not only that. The handle has been molded nicely to make sure your hands won’t hurt when you take this with you. Lastly, this comes with a lifetime warranty albeit it’s limited. It may be a bit heavy at 5.5 lbs., but that only means it’s made from strong materials and not the flimsy plastic ones.


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Hard Fishing Lure Set

Fishing is more fun when you actually catch not just one but a lot of them. There are several ways to achieve that, and one of which is to use the right lures just like this hard fishing lure set. It consists of 48 different pieces that may be used for bass, trout, and many more. You can go almost anywhere in the lake and you’re confident to have the right lure for the job. The lures are all made from strong materials that can withstand heavy fish. They’re also corrosion-resistant so you can use them over and over again. Yet, all of them are easy to hook, giving you less time preparing and more time actually fishing.


Pflueger Trion Spinning Combo

Pfleuger, particularly its President line, is one of the most trusted and highly rated fishings rods there is, and rightfully so. It has instant anti-reverse, a smooth reeling action, and smooth drag. The Trion Spinning Combo provides the same benefits albeit a bit less smooth. But for its price point, it should be one of the best lightweight combos there is. Its rod is made from graphite so it stays lightweight while still durable, its spool is from aluminum that’s also lightweight and durable, and its 7-bearing system is made from stainless steel making it corrosion resistant. What’s best, Pfleuger found a way to keep their rods in its pristine condition even after a number of uses.


Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Boat

Explore the vast ocean, lake, or river, without tiring yourself from swimming with this inflatable boat from Intex. Intex has been known to be one of the leaders in inflatable materials; hence, you’re guaranteed that this boat has the quality inherent in all Intex items. In fact, the entire boat is made from thick, 30-gauge PVC vinyl and has two air chambers to ensure safety. The vinyl resists scratch abrasion, impacts, and sunlight. The Index Seahawk 4 is designed for recreational boating and fishing. This boat measures 138.2 x 57.1 x 18.9 inches and can hold 4 people as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 814 lbs. It comes with 48” aluminum oars to make maneuvering easier. There is an inflatable chair in the middle for the passengers. If you’d like to go fishing on this one, you can place your rods on the holders at the rear. Inflation pump is also included. If you’d like a smaller option, however, you can get Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. It’s good for two persons and is made from the same quality materials as the Seahawk 4. It also comes with oars and air pump. There’s also the Oru Kayak BayST Folding Portable Lightweight Kayak. It may be foldable and portable, but it’s still guaranteed to stay strong and hold you even after a number of bumps and hits. It’s good for only one person though.


Go Outfitters Go Hammock

Enjoying the outdoors will not be complete without a hammock. It must be our go-to companion whenever we want to rest while enjoying the fresh breeze and relaxing view of nature. However, we understand that not all hammocks are created equal. Quite a number of hammocks we’ve tried are too small and uncomfortable for prolonged use. The Go Outfitters, however, tried to solve this problem by giving us the Go Hammock that’s made from comfortable yet durable materials (70D breathable parachute nylon) and also long and wide enough (132” x 70”) so we can stretch and adjust our bodies nicely. It also has fabric tensioners so there will be no loose fabric on the sides. Go Hammock comes with rope loops and a pair of carabiners.


Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike

Biking outdoors doesn’t need fancy bikes with a lot of blings. You need one that can get you through any terrain—rough or smooth; dry or wet—just like the Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike. Fat tires have been a trend for years, and they seem to be gaining more and more popularity thanks to the advantages they offer us. They may not give you the speed you want, but fat tires can surely tackle any terrain you throw at it. Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike has 26″ X 4″ all-terrain knobby tires paired with dual disc brakes to guarantee reliable braking anytime you need it. It also features alloy 4″ wide wheelset with disc brakes, 7-speed gearing with Shimano rear derailleur, 3 piece crank, and threadless headset for easy adjustability. The bike also comes with a fat tire tube that fits all 26″ x 4″ tires & tubes.


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Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

Safety is one of our major concerns wherever we go that’s why we have airbags for cars and helmets for bikes. But helmets nowadays are not just for protecting our skulls against crashes. Some are made to make sure we’re not distracted too. Case in point, this cycling helmet from Coros. Aside from protecting our head, it makes sure our ears are not blocked in any way. It features a bone conduction technology that transforms any audio into vibration so you can hear what’s going on around you more clearly. This is crucial when driving along busy streets with plenty of hustle and bustle in the surroundings. What’s more, this helmet sends an SOS alert to a chosen person in your contact in case it senses an impact that’s too strong to be ignored. This is particularly helpful when you crash and become unconscious.


Ampulla Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

Biking, especially at night, is somehow risky because other drivers may not see you, particularly when the street is busy. To ensure you stay visible at all times, here’s a waterproof tail light you can add to your bike. It has 29 of 85LM LED lights that are bright enough to be seen from 150’ away even during a foggy or rainy day. It also creates a virtual lane on the ground so you stay even more visible. For extra safety, this light alerts those behind you if you’re turning left or right. You just have to press the remote control that comes with it.


Bike Light and Horn

Biking at night on unlit streets is a challenge, if not risky. It’s either you don’t see your path or other drivers and pedestrians don’t know you are there. To help you stay visible, use this bike light that comes with a horn. The light is USB rechargeable and has 250 lumens. That’s bright enough to be seen from yards away. It also has three modes—low, high, and flashing—that may be selected with a simple push of a button. The horn emits sound as loud as 120 dB (about as loud as a thunderclap). It also has 2 different sounds, which you can also set by pressing a button. The package includes the headlight with horn, USB cable, and a mounting base.


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Timberland Men’s Britton Hill Moc-Toe Waterproof Boot

Surviving the outdoors depends on taking the right gears with you. And when we say gears, that includes clothing, garments, and accessories. But the problem with some of these gears is that they compromise the looks just so it can give you the protection you need. But not these boots. Aside from being waterproof, it’s also stylish with its leather material and lace-up closure. What’s more, it uses recycled materials such as plastic bottles for the mesh. So it’s not only comfortable, stylish, and usable; it’s environmentally friendly too. For hikes and treks, however, you should get Merrell Water Shoe. It protects your feet from the rough terrain while making sure they dry fast after crossing streams. Another option is the Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Conrax CH CP Hiking Boot. This is best for climbing snowy mountains at it keeps cold out. It also has inner insulation to provide you with more warmth.


NOZIPP +15F Ultralight Zipperless Sleeping Bag

One of the challenges of sleeping outdoors is the comfort. We can’t always bring tents, air beds, and other paraphernalia to give us a good sleep because they’re too heavy and bulky. This is why NOZIPP created this sleeping bag that provides coziness without adding too much weight to your baggage. Its made from down-filled fabric with magnetic closure system so your entry and exit don’t take much effort. The entire bag can also keep you warm up to -18º F because it does a good job of keeping your body’s heat in. In case you’re using this in a nice warm weather, you may simply let out your arms or feet and with a quick tag, open the flaps to release excess heat. You can also opt for the Picnic and Outdoor Blanket. It’s waterproof and windproof; thus, it definitely keeps you warm. Plus you can use this for other purposes not just for sleeping and resting.


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular

Even if you have the best eyesight in the world, that still won’t be enough for you to see everything in your surroundings. You need help from an extra pair of eyes such as the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular. Aside from giving you up 10x of magnification, it also ensures your eyes remain relaxed with the locking diopter, ED prime glass, and ultra wide band coatings. It’s also fog- and water-proof so you can always enjoy the view no matter the weather. It comes with a carrying case, a storage bag, and a neck strap.


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Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

For combat and survival, you can’t take just any knife with you. You should have one that won’t give up on you when you need a lot of cutting and slicing just like the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife. It’s made from full tang 420HC steel blade with ceramic coating and serrated edge. Thus you’re guaranteed it won’t break apart even when you cut through hard surfaces. The handle itself has pommel too, which is useful for breaking harder objects such as nuts or the like. It’s also rubberized with a diamond texture, so it won’t slip off your hands easily. Another reliable knife is the SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Outdoor Tactical Knife.


Katadyn Water Purification Filter

One of our basic needs to survive is water. And a potable one at that. But staying outdoors doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting water safe for drinking even if it comes from the freshest spring. To make sure you’re getting clean water always, take with you the Katadyn Water Purification Filter. It has a silver-impregnated ceramic element, which is effective against bacteria and protozoa. The round pump handle makes pumping easy. The best part is, it measures only 1.5 x 5.43 x 2.56 inches, which means it perfectly fits your pocket.


Black Diamond Momentum Harness

For climbers, we know that our gears should not just be strong and sturdy. They must be easy to use and comfortable too. The climb itself is hard enough, why add more stress using the wrong equipment? So for harness needs, get this one from Black Diamond. It has a pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle, bullhorn-shaped waistbelt built using Dual Core Construction, patent-pending trakFIT adjustment for easy leg loop customization, adjustable rear elastic riser, four pressure-molded gear loops, and a haul loop. Each of these parts guarantees comfort and ease of adjustability.


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Flash Personal Cooking System

Eating out in the language of outdoorsmen means literally eating outside. No fast-food restaurants, takeouts, or any fancy plating you get at home. Some people go the extreme of using wood to cook their meals, but we know that’s a lot of elbow greasing. To help you prepare food fast, get the Flash Personal Cooking System. It consists of a 1L FluxRing cooking cup with insulators (boils in 2 1/2 minutes) and an adjustable burner with stabilizing tripod. It also has temperature indicator to make sure the food you’ve been waiting for won’t go to waste because you burned it.


Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

It’s better to be safe than be sorry, says a lot of us. And when you’re outdoors, you can encounter a lot of things, animals, people, and zombies. So to prepare you for this dreaded event, make sure you have the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit with you. The kit is comprised of Gerber LMF II Infantry, Gerber DMF folder, Gerber Epic (these are knives), Gerber Gator Machete, Gerber Gator Machete Pro, Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, and Gerber Camp Axe II. These are all contained in a sturdy canvas with different compartments for each of these tools. The canvas has a handle so it’s portable.


M4A1 Rifle

Being outdoors is not limited to hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping. There are those moments you need a rifle with you. And for these moments, you can rely on the M4A1 Rifle. If you love the M4 Carbine, you’ll definitely love this as this is only the automatic variant of the M4. Its trigger may be operated on a safe, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic setting. Firing is through direct impingement gas operating system. However, this is for military sales only. If you are not legible to get one, you may opt for Benelli’s M4 Tactical Shotgun. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun that’s auto regulating gas operated. You can also get 92FS, a pistol usually used by the police and military. It’s also semi-automatic and guarantees accuracy, durability, and reliability.

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Burton Ripcord Snowboard

Wintertime is snowboarding time. If you’re just beginning to learn the ropes of snowboarding, this one is for you. It’s flexible, light, and durable. People have been using it for seasons, and they love how this snowboard delivers. It has a directional shape of 5 MM taper and a core that’s FSC Certified Fly 900G Core and Squeezebox Low. It’s made from biaxial fiberglass and designed with the base extruded.


Skywalker Trampolines

Fun doesn’t always have to be on the far side of the jungle. Sometimes, it can be found or created right in your own backyard. And, again, we just need the right equipment such as the Skywalker Trampolines. Its made from heavy-duty, UV protected polypropylene that provides durability and avoids slipping. And it comes with an enclosure net that’s tightly woven to ensure there’s no gap between the jump mat and the enclosure system. There’s also the t-bracket construction for stability.


The End

This ends our list of gift ideas for the outdoorsman. It may not be a lot because we don’t want to overwhelm you with options, but we’re telling you these are some of the best.

If you didn’t find what you want here, visit our more comprehensive guide, the stocking stuffer. There you have 150 items to choose from.

Also, stay tuned for our other lists we are sharing next week.

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