If there’s one thing that’s true in this often confusing world it’s that scotch tape is as handy as it is infuriating. How many times have you picked up a roll of tape and struggled for minutes on end to find where the end is located? Probably too often to even count. That’s where the Zyp-Zyp Tape Tool comes in.


As a perfect marriage of convenience and form, this ‘tool’ is imbued with the sort of minimalistic magic that can be found when one hand-makes a product in Germany with only the best quality copper, nickel, and tin. What’s more, it only weighs 5 grams and measures little more than the 12mm wide roll of tape which can fit inside of it meaning that it can be easily thrown into a man purse or just carried around in your pocket without ever becoming intrusive.

Yours with just a few clicks at the link below.

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ZypZyp Ends Scotch Tape Frustration Forever
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