So maybe General Edge hasn’t come up with the most practical contraption in the world – after all, do you really ever see yourself shoving a hand claw through the skull of one of the undead? – but you’ve got to hand it to them on inventiveness. Boasting 7.5-inch blades and a spiffy looking skull-and-bones medallion with steel fingers, this is one glove guaranteed to give your enemies a bad day.

The blades are stainless steel and the overall contraption itself weighs right at four pounds, so there won’t be anything to stop you in the heat of battle. Just do everyone a favor. We have enough crazies in the real world wielding weapons in public. Why not wait till the actual zombie apocalypse before taking this out of the drawer and slipping it on? Mankind thanks you in advance.

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Zombie Demon Skull Fantasy Gauntlet - Hand Claw
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