Despite the growing popularity of artificial lures, live baits are still the choice among anglers as they are proven to be more effective. Live baits are something the fish actually eats, hence it is more enticing to bite.

However, live baits are high-maintenance sons of a fish.

You have to keep them fresh and, well, alive. Usually, this entails purchasing expensive equipment such as oxygen infuser and water temperature regulator.

Then come their cousin, the dead baits. They look just like their alive cousins only, well, they’re dead.

Dead baits are easier to maintain; however, they may not be as effective as the live ones. Because they are dead, they do not move and thus may not attract your target monster fish easily.

So this is where you need Zombait, the dead fish resurrector.

It will not actually resurrect your dead bait per se, but it will make it appear alive and kicking, err swimming.

What is Zombait?

Zombait is an electronic lure you insert into a dead fish through its mouth. Once activated, it will make your dead bait wiggle giving that perception that it is alive.

It fits any dead bait at least 8” in length.

Check it out in this video:

Zombait Features


It would be weird if your bait is not waterproof, ain’t it? But unlike other lures, this one may be used as deep as 200 feet be it saltwater or fresh water.

Long lasting

A fully charged Zombait battery can last up to three hours, that should be enough to catch the number of fish you want.


Zombait’s battery is removable which you may recharge using the included charger. While it is charging, you may pop in another battery so your fun continues.


The lures are made of the same materials used in GoPro cameras and NFL helmets that are known to be corrosion resistant. It means they are guaranteed to last. Just replace your dead bait, insert this into a new bait, and repeat.

Zombait Premium Kit

Zombait inclusions

This electronic lure comes in two packs—starter and premium. The starter pack includes 1 Zombait lure, 1 battery pack, 1 charger with USB cable, and 1 organizer case. It is priced at $69. The premium comes with 3 lures, 3 battery packs, 1 charger with USB cable, and 1 organizer case. It sells for $159.

Zombait Starter Kit


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