Forget the Apple Watch, the ZeTime Smartwatch is where it’s at. The first of its kind to provide you with a stainless steel case and real chrome mechanical hands on a round touchscreen, it looks like a regular ol’ watch — albeit one that can provide you with notifications, fitness tracking, and more. Now we know you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Well my Apple Watch can do all of that!” and you’re right, well mostly anyways. The ZeTime Smartwatch remains the only ‘smart timepiece’ on the market right now to include a 30-day battery life on a single charge, a TFT color display, heart-rate monitoring, and compatibility with both major smartphone OS platforms.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the ZeTime is the world’s first hybrid smartwatch to feature Swedish designed mechanical hardware and can connect wirelessly so you can sync your activity and sleep data straight to your devices. No companion app needed.

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ZeTime Smartwatch Is Stylish, Lasts For 30 Days, and Outperforms The Apple Watch
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