Barefoot running has increased in popularity over the years due to the many claimed benefits but it comes with one obvious downside: most surfaces hurt. (Duh.)

Noting this fact, many shoe manufacturers have created footwear to provide just enough protection to avoid injury, while allowing you to experience the foot strengthening benefits of lesser-restricted freedom.

This is all nothing new, of course, but the ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split Toe running shoes, however, are. And they’re pretty damn cool.

Weighing in at just over 2.5 ounces, these things are incredibly light – feather-light, in fact. They feature a pliable but robust pylon outer-sole making them perfect for running and other training activities, Gecko-Grip rubber pods for traction and, as the name suggests, have a split toe design that helps with forward propulsion.

If you’re still running in standard trainers it might be time you tried something different. The awkward stares from passers-by are totally worth it.

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ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split Toe Running Shoes
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