It’s kind of disturbing the lengths that some will go to in preparation of a fictitious zombie apocalypse. Let’s be real, people. There are no such things as zombies. There never can be. There never will be. You’ll never find yourself trapped in a house fighting off a horde of brain-munchers. On the other hand, is that really a reason not to pick up the Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations) Kit?

Nah. It contains some way-too-awesome stuff to pass up like the Kevlar Gloves for hand-to-hand zombie combat (zom-bat?), thermal and night vision goggles, a tactical watch to help in the assault and make good time doing it, and the OPMOD Battle Mug, which can be used to drink coffee or smash in a skull. There are a lot more goodies besides that, but you get the picture.

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Z.E.R.O. Zombie Survival Kit
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