Ready to up your smartphone photography game? Look no further than the Zoomable 60X Monocular. When attached to your mobile device your smartphone’s zoom will literally rival that of a DSLR camera, providing visibility up to 1/4th a mile. Now you’ll be able to bring landscapes, far off animals, sports fields, or anything far away into crystal clear focus for you to snap some truly amazing pictures.


Here are some quick bullet points that illustrate just how powerful the Zoomable 60X Monocular really is:

•Zooms from 40x to 60x for up to 1/4 mile visibility

•Attaches or removes easily from any smartphone

•Can be used with an included tripod to get a steady shot from far away

•Allows for carry on even the most rugged adventure thanks to its superior craftsmanship & sturdy carrying case

Convinced? You just need to head on over to the inStash Shop link below in order to make your purchase. For a limited time, the Zoomable 60X Monocular is on sale for just $37!

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Your Smartphone Can Now Zoom Just Like A DSLR With The Zoomable 60X Monocular
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