Frequent long-haul traveler in economy class? We feel bad for you. Not only do you get crammed into a small space with poor legroom, but you’re actually forced to sit many hours on a seat that was clearly not meant to be slept in.

While no product can ever promise to relieve all of that pain — the airlines have just done too good of a job ensuring that flying in economy can never be all that pleasant — one company has done a whole lot of making sure that you can be as comfortable as humanly possible on an economy seat: Duo Pillow.

Unlike other travel pillows, the team behind DUO has packed in features like 4-way-wearing which allows you to place your pillow in over 4 different configurations. This alone allows you to be far more comfortable as you would be with a regular travel pillow solution. Other features include a cellphone pocket, inflation/deflation, removable hood, and a whole lot more. More below.

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You'll Never Guess What Makes DUO Pillow The Ultimate Travel Accessory
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