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If you’re like most guys then chances are you don’t even think about the jeans you’re wearing. You probably go to the store, select a pair of jeans at near-random, and hope to get back home as quickly as possible without having to spend another second at the mall. Sounds downright painful doesn’t it? Well, buying jeans doesn’t have to be dread-inducing. With Mott & Bow, you can buy a pair of (very) comfortable handcrafted jeans that are not only sourced from the best denim mills around but also fit you perfectly.

So just how does Mott & Bow get that perfect fit? The innovation lies within their Home Try-On Program. When purchasing from Mott & Bow’s website, you can select a free second pair of jeans with a different waist size so you can see which pair fits you best and send the other back for free. That’s right, shopping Levi’s has officially been rendered obsolete.

Mott & Bow offers premium skinny, slim, and straight cuts for under $100 a pair WITH free-shipping both ways. That alone should intrigue you enough to visit their site where you can learn more about their unique process and even watch how their jeans get made. Speaking about the science behind their denim, here’s one of the videos on how they use their motor tool to replicate stress from wear and tear:

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