Remember those days when we wished we had more than two hands? Well, it seems that the universe is really listening, so it gave us the YouBionic Double Hand.

"The Tech companies are working to increase our mind. We’re trying to increase our body," says YouBionic, the makers of these robotic hands.

The YouBionic Double Hand is a 3D printed apparatus that's designed to perform almost anything, if not all, our hands can do. So there's the picking, grabbing, pointing, and so on.

The hands are controlled by Arduino microconrollers that are attached to your index and ring fingers. Each movement you want the hands to perform is equivalent to different gestures by our fingers. Doing the same gestures with varying speed changes the hands' movements, too.

To give you a clearer picture, watch how they work:

The Arduino microconrollers may be programmed using a PC or Mac. There are actuators placed on the fingers and palm. The latter controls the movement of the thumb.

The hands have six degrees of freedom (6DOF), which makes the movements closely resemble real hands.

"Who would use this?" You ask.

Same question we have here, but if you think about it, these hands actually have a lot of medicinal and practical uses.

It may be used as prosthesis (although we're not sure someone would want two hands on one limb), final actuator on robot arms or remotely controlled rover, or an arm when you play and train via VR.

On the top of our silly heads, we also think more fingers to help you count, more fists to punch your nemesis, more palms to receive gifts this holiday season.

But kidding aside, we think the YouBionic Double Hand has a lot of uses although we just haven't figured them out exactly?yet.

So if you wanna get yours, head on to the site linked below ("buy" button) and get one for yourself. You may also opt to get the 3D printing files if that's more like you.

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