Okay, first world problem time. You know what’s the problem with shelves? You keep accumulating more stuff and they keep staying the same size. Your only option is to keep throwing those old shelves out and keep buying new, bigger shelves in order to accommodate your ever growing collection of stuff.  As you can probably imagine (or even experienced firsthand), this quickly becomes an expensive proposition. Wouldn’t it be better if someone could just figure out a way to create a shelf that would expand with our increasingly large stockpile of stuff?


They have. It’s called the Nest Shelf and its currently being shown off at the London Design Festival. The Nest Shelf utilizes three collapsable full-width shelves which can fully extend to 9 shelves in total. The designers really have thought of everything here though, and have made the whole structure of the shelf to be very strong but also incredibly light so that you can extend or collapse the shelf easily and quickly.

No word on an exact release date just yet but we’d expect to see more sometime next year. 

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