Your dream of owning your own R2-D2 droid has finally come true. A Japanese (of course it’s Japanese!) company has created the world’s first astromech mini-fridge which is fully capable of bringing your a brewsky while you’re kicking back on the couch and watching the game. Sure this R2 won’t project holograms and isn’t going to pop a lightsaber out for you when you’re in trouble, but he will be able to move his head as well, make his signature bleeps and bopps, as well as roll around your home. Oh, and provide you with cold ones. We did mention that, right?


If you’re looking to get your own, you’ll have to spend up to $9,000 and that’s not including the fees for importing your R2 from Japan. Pre-orders are now live as well but you’ll need to either have a Japanese address or know someone who does in order to place your order. Units will start shipping in December 2015 just in time for the new Star Wars film.

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You Can Now Own Your Own R2-D2 Mini-Fridge
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