The YikeBike is the newest green innovation for getting around town. Built as a two-wheel transportation device, this differs from the other two-wheeled transportation device (the bicycle or wheelchair, take your pick) in that it places one large wheel in the front and a small one for balance at the back. The motor resides in the large wheel. The handlebars ride behind you–definitely not the kind of bike to ride if you like to speed around in the nude.

At 14 miles per hour, the YikeBike can get you where you need to go for the low cost of $3,500, ensuring that you never again have to pay $3.80 per gallon for gasoline. Who cares if you get to work a little late? Just leave earlier! The YikeBike is a nice alternative to the Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Bike, though we’re kind of digging on the latter’s more traditional style. Still, tomato tomato!

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