Apple has created a false dichotomy. Every time they have a new keynote unveil of their latest new flagship phone, they keep stressing how thin it is without ever talking about improving battery life. Truth be told, you don’t need to choose between a thin phone and a big battery — all you need to do is get yourself a ThinCharge Case.


Once you slip your iPhone into a ThinCharge Case, you’ll be experiencing the best of both worlds. With a simple button press, you’ll be able to charge up your phone’s paltry battery while your on the go, essentially doubling your battery life and allowing you to get one more game in of Goblin Sword. What’s more the ThinCharge Case barely adds any bulk or weight to your phone, allowing you to place it in your pocket without feeling like you have a 10lbs weighing you down.

If this seems like the type of product which you would benefit from then make sure you check out the inStash Shop link below. Take advantage in the next couple of days and you’ll be getting a 55% discount on your order!

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Yes, You Can Have A Thin Phone With A Killer Battery. Here's How
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