If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to GoPro but don’t want to compromise a ton of quality, try the XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cam. It has almost all the former’s features yet it is way cheaper.

It can record video in the following formats:  720p @120fps, 1080p @60fps, 4k @25fps similar to the GoPro 5 and 6 albeit at slightly lower frame rates, but also at a much lower price.

In addition to high-res videos, the XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cam can capture still images at 12 mp just like the Hero 5 and 6.

Its waterproof casing allows you to take underwater pictures and videos up to 98 feet while the 5 and 6’s waterproof rating is limited to 33 feet. Another advantage it has over the G models is the field of view. XtremePro has a 170-degree angle while the latter has about 150 degrees.

XtremePro also comes with a wireless wrist remote that you lets you control this camera within 33 feet. Underwater, the distance is significantly reduced to 10 feet.

This action camera measures 2.33″ x 1.15″ x 1.61”, which is small enough to be mounted almost anywhere. Plus with the mounts included in the package—car dash and bike—you can capture almost any image hands-free.

Another feature you’ll most probably like is its easy sharing feature. Just connect it to a Wi-Fi network and you can let the world see your photos and videos just the way you do it on your smartphone.

The only drawback so far that we found is the limited battery life—it lasts only about 1.5 hours. But taking spare batteries with you should solve that problem.

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XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cam with Mounts
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