iPhones and iPads are great products. Even if we're chronically low on space, tied down by the limitations of our 16 or 32GB devices, many of us are loyal Apple customers and keep upgrading year after year. Still, even the most fervent iFan has got to admit that being hit with "Low Disk Space" warnings day after day and being forced to delete hundreds of pictures is no way to live.


Enter the Xtra Drive. This handy, MFi-certified drive plugs directly into your iDevice so you can easily store your music, videos, and photos. What's more, you'll be able to quickly transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, and your desktop or laptop–all with the convenience of this pocket-size portable drive.

Need to know more? Let our handy inStash bullet list do all the work:

?Use any micro SD card up to 128GB

?Free up space on your Apple devices

?Back up your files safely

?Store up to 36,000 songs, 56 hours of video, or 64,000 photos

?Transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, or iPod w/ just the flip of a switch

?Easily fit it in your pocket

?Plug directly into your device w/ the Apple Lightning connector or USB 3.0 connector

?Use the included 16GB micro SD card

Buy yours today!

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Xtra Drive Will Make Low Storage On iPhones A Thing Of The Past
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