The Xbox 360 controller has largely been lauded for its design and precision. However, one area that needed some work was the d-pad. Usually, when selecting movies or other items from an onscreen list using the d-pad, you’d accidentally move your thumb the wrong way and click diagonally, throwing off your place in a long list of titles and then be forced to start from the beginning.

With the newly designed wireless controller (a.k.a. the “transforming d-pad” controller), you won’t have to worry. The new d-pad rotates about 90-degrees into an elevated position and locks down the diagonal directions, giving you only up, down, left and right. Also present on the controller are new analog sticks with a depressed surface and ridges around the edges for better gripping.

One gripe: the new Xbox 360 is black, the old ones are white…why is this controller gray?

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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Transforming D-pad)
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