Have you ever had to help a buddy move into or out of his apartment? Chances are he didn’t live 117-stories above the city. If your friend lives in India and you promised him you’d help him move, you might want to rethink your commitment. “World One” a skyscraper chock full of luxury homes, will be built in Mumbai and will contain properties ranging from $1.5 million to more than $12 million.

“World One” will cost $450 million to build and promises to be a rather green complex, recycling its water, harvesting rain water and collecting solar energy to help power the homes within.

So, if you’d like to live in a house bigger than New York’s Empire State Building and you’ve got cash to burn, be sure to check out “World One” when it’s completed in 2014. Word of caution for those with a lot of furniture and live near the top – hope that the elevator isn’t broken on move-in day.

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