Let’s be honest, you got a hog so you can drive real fast and swerve in and out of traffic. After all, there’s little on this planet that’s as exhilarating and powerful as the feeling of rubber tires hitting pavement and propelling you forward at break-neck speeds. Problem is, those pesky police officers keep ticketing you!


If you want to stop the tickets then what you need to invest in is your very own WOOLF. Made for bikers by bikers, this 100% street legal device actually notifies you when you’re in a heavily regulated speed zone, when speed cameras are present, or even when other measurement devices are being used in an area. This allows you to just focus on what you do best: ride that hog.

If you’re curious about WOOLF and how it works, then we urge you to check out their Kickstarter project below. The cost of WOOLF is cheaper than the minimum penalty one a single speeding ticket meaning that this is one device that’ll inevitably pay for itself.

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WOOLF Is A Wearable Device For Bikers Which'll End Speeding Tickets
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