Still drinking your liquor? That’s so quaint! Instead of ingesting large volumes of alcohol in order to get a buzz, what you really need to do is start vaping it instead. Vaportini is the world’s first alcohol vaporizer, and it’s currently available on sale on the inStash Shop linked below.

With the Vaportini, you’ll inhale your alcohol rather than swallow, allowing yourself to taste the smooth and flavorful subtleties of each individual spirit. Easy to set up and even easier to enjoy, you’ll virtually rediscover your favorite drinks all over again.

Isn’t that alone worth the $34.99 price tag? We certainly think so. The aforementioned pricing won’t last forever, though, so if you want to save 22% then make sure you click on the green “BUY” button below and make a purchase while supplies last!

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With Vaportini You Could Literally Inhale Your Favorite Drink
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