Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are certainly useful tools. The only problem is that you either have to own an Amazon Echo basestation or pull out your phone to access them. This physical barrier that exists between you and your digital assistant means that they just aren’t as helpful as they could be if they were with you at all times. Case in point, the new Sony Xperia Ear Assistant. This devices gives you access to similar functionality as the two aforementioned AIs while letting you keep your phone stashed away comfortably in your pocket.

How can it do such a thing? Well as you can probably tell from the photos above as well as the name of the product itself, this device fits comfortably in your ear like a Bluetooth headset would. Once in place, you can give it commands, check your schedule, search for information, get turn-by-turn navigation, send and receive messages, and so much more.

Yours for just $225 directly from Sony below.

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With Sony's Xperia Ear You Can Speak To A Personal Assistant Whenever, Wherever
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