Ever find yourself singing a song and not even know what the heck you’re saying? Not only is that an embarrassment when you’re jamming out with your buddies in the car and trying to sing along together in the radio, but it can also be a source of befuddlement when you finally find out what a song is about after months of enjoyment. Luckily we live in 2016 and there’s the Lyric Speaker.

Why it took so long for the Lyric Speaker to come about is beyond us. Until now, the only way to find out the lyrics to a song has been through the use of a desk top computer. Well, no more. Lyric Speaker uses its built in WiFi to lookup lyrics to a song and even analyze its mood. The end result being that it’l display both the words to your tune on its LCD screen and even generate appropriate visualizer-like effects. What’s more, thanks to its support of Google Cast it’ll even beam over those lyrics/visuals to a host of Cast-supported gadgets.

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With Lyric Speaker You'll Know The Lyrics To Every Song!
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