When there’s a door, there’s a lock. And when there’s a lock, there’s a key that disappears whenever you need it the most.

But with Latch C, you can say goodbye to missing keys or being locked out in the wee hours of the morning. Latch C is a deadbolt that lets you unlock your door using either your phone, a keycard, or a passkey.

You can also share this access with people you trust for a limited time, say, when you’re expecting that external storage from Amazon. So instead of these brilliant delivery guys placing your items under the rug, you can give them the access code and let them put your stuff inside.

And don’t worry about them stealing; Latch C has a camera so you’ll know who was at your doorway.

Latch C is designed to retrofit any building and meets the most stringent building codes.

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With Latch C, You Don't Have To Worry About Being Locked Out
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