“Aww, isn’t that just wise as a button?” Wait, since when are wisdom and the diminutive size of a button in any way related? Well, since now. The WiseButton is set to offer a key-chain remote for all of your smart devices. With a diameter of only 1.38 inches, the interface allows you to browse your device’s photos, videos, and websites, skip and replay songs, and capture photos and videos without actually touching the device itself. But wait, there’s more…

The WiseButton helps you keep track of your smart device, so you never have to go looking for it when you wake up all bleary-eyed in the morning (or afternoon). You can set it to search for connected devices up to 150 feet away. Activate the security alarm, and WiseButton will tell you when the specified device is more than 20 feet away. It doesn’t just work with smart devices. You can put compatible “stickers” on bags, wallets, and even a pet’s collar to track items that don’t contain a Bluetooth chip.

The WiseButton comes in a range of colors–including sleek black for business users–to suit various preferences. Easy-to-use software makes it simple to connect the remote with your devices and set your preferences. The battery lasts for a month (three on the “stickers”) without recharging, and you can fill it back up via a microUSB cable when it’s time. The WiseButton features a metal case for durability and a genuine leather strap for comfort and style. Pre-order yours today on Indiegogo for $35 and have it in your hands in June.

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WiseButton: The Keychain Remote For All Your Devices
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