Whiteboards are amazing. There’s just no better way — tablets included — of being able to quickly jot down and show off concepts and also allow for others to erase or modify whatever is displayed on the whiteboard itself. The only issue with whiteboards is that they’re so darn unwieldy. Seriously! Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a whiteboard that you can take with you wherever you want?


Well, there is. Meet Wipebook Pro, a notebook-meets-whiteboard hybrid which uses a patented hypergloss film formula on each page that lets it act as a white board while preventing the smudging that is to be expected when using a whiteboard on a surface. What’s more, the Wipebook Pro has been conceived of with digitization in mind and uses tanned leather-wrapped covers that assist to that end.

Wipebook Pro book includes 20 full-size writable pages, more than enough for almost any project.

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Wipebook Pro Is Your Personal, Portable Whiteboard
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