Looking for a beautifully designed, sturdy, and cheap(er) phone? Look no further than Wileyfox Storm, a $300 smartphone that’s so gorgeous that it’s probably making the team over at OnePlus blush. When holding the phone and thinking of its design, the words “ultralight” “ultra thing” and “ultra solid” come to mind. The only thing for sure is that this phone is ultra awesome since it’s running an unmodified version of CyanogenOS (itself built upon pure Android goodness).


Another thing that’s positively delightful about this phone is its speed. Navigating around menus and browsing the internet incurs is buttery smooth and no extra lag is encountered when doing things that are slightly more graphically intensive like playing a game or editing a simple movie. We’d guess that it’s due to this phone’s powerful 1.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor and over 3 gigs of RAM but it’s clear that Wileyfox has also done a lot of work in other areas to improve the overall experience.

There’s no word on a release in the US but if you find yourself in the UK then you can get yourself your hands on the Storm for £199.

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Wileyfox Storm Is A Beautiful And Inexpensive Smartphone
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