From Google News to Apple news and from Flipboard to Pulse there are more mobile news apps that you can shake a stick at. So why in the world do we need a new one? Simple: the way that all of those aforementioned apps (and even those like Feedly and Nuzzle) displays content is all wrong and not mobile friendly. Enter Wildcard, an iPhone app which is trying to change the way you get your news by turning the entire internet into mobile-friendly “cards”.


When you first launch Wildcard the first thing you’ll realize is how gorgeous it is. This is one app that will actually make you want to read more news (especially long form content). If you’ve ever used the iPhone’s multitask function or even something like Palm’s webOS (RIP) then you’re already used to navigating through Wildcard’s menus and stories. The app also includes a smart algorithm that automatically sorts through news articles so that only the most relevant articles are shown up top. Wildcard is currently available through the app store, try it out and you’ll be sure never to feel like a dunce at that office party again!

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Wildcard Is A Fantastic New Way To Read News On iOS
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