Some might call this the worst idea they’ve heard all day. To that, we say maybe. This definitely isn’t the type of idea you do to make a profit or to keep everyone informed. However, it makes for a great publicity stunt. We are, of course, talking a bout the Wikipedia Books Project. Yes, some wisenheimers over at Indiegogo have decided to print the entire Wikipedia in hardback volumes totaling 1,000 in all.

The books will have a hard case and will be printed in grayscale. Color printing will be one of the stretch goals for this crowd funded project. Sadly, as a reference book series, the Wikipedias will be largely useless. Considering that the open source knowledgebase changes (probably) thousands of times each day, these books will be several months out of date (at least) by the time they are put on display at Wikimania London in August 2014.

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Wikipedia As Print Encyclopedia? Sure, This Is A Great Idea.
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