Jacques Cousteau was great and all, but he never shot nothin’ in HD. With the Wide Angle SCUBA Series HD, you’re about to one-up Cousteau himself. 

Built into this dive mask is a camera that shoots 720P HD video at 30fps down to depths of about 130 feet. It will also shoot 5MP stills if you’re not into the whole motion thing. Both pictures and video are recorded to a standard micro SD card, and the whole thing runs off standard AAA batteries.

Now there’s always a problem with mask-mounted cameras, which is that you can’t really see exactly what you’re shooting. Which means when you’re trying to take a picture of the shark that’s eating you, you might actually only have its fin in the frame and not its terrifying jaws. This new camera solves that by integrating a wide-angle lens that picks up just about everything in your field of view. Which means unless you’re being mauled by a blue whale, everything you see is going to be in the shot.

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Wide Angle Scuba Series HD
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