Whiskey Rox Beverage Chilling Stones are not a unique concept, but they do offer quality execution. While we have featured other ice alternatives on this website before, we just couldn’t help being excited enough to throw these into the mix. Made of 100% soapstone and a good deal bigger than many of the competitors, these make perfect gifts for the wine, beer, whiskey or coffee drinker in your life with varying sizes that are specially suited to their drink(s) of choice.

Soapstone, as you may already know, has two advantages over ice that make it the only way to go: 1) It doesn’t absorb odor, and 2) It retains its temperature much longer. It also doesn’t water down the drink, so the flavor you’re getting is pure whatever. So, neat-drinkers, next time someone asks you if you want it on the rocks, give these a shot. You may become a convert.

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Whiskey Rox Beverage Chilling Stones
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