We don’t know if portable is still the right word to use here, but an external hard drive that weighs approximately 5 lbs. is definitely not lightweight. But still better than taking the entire CPU with you, right?

What we know is that whopping is the perfect term to describe its capacity. With a hard drive space for 20TB of files, you can store your entire movie, music, and game collection plus a whole lot of space for applications, documents, and whatnots. You may also include your parents’, colleagues’, and neighbors’ files and you still have a lot of extra room!

But it’s not actually a single hard drive in a single case. It’s two 10TB hard drives boxed as one. It measures 7 x 4 x 6.3 inches.

Allocating space in My Duo is also a breeze because it all depends on you. You may opt for JBOD so you get the full force of 20TB or create a RAID-1 array just so your files are safe.

And that’s not all. The USB 3.0 ports on the back let you connect any device—mouse, keyboard, or camera among others.

Is it just us or is this device making us sing “Baby I’m-a want you. Baby I’m-a need you.”?

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Western Digital® My Book Duo is One Whopping Portable Storage
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