Had Robert E. Kelly known about Webaround, he could have saved himself from being an online sensation in a not so glorifying way.

In telecommuting, a webcam, a laptop, and an internet connection are not the only ones to bring to the battlefield. You hav71rjGhP5nCL._SL1500_e to conceal your flaws and weaknesses as well; hence, soldiers wear battle fatigues.


In your room, your best camouflage is a white background so the people you’re meeting with won’t be distracted by your hanging socks and unkempt bed. Sure a blanket will do, but where do you hang it?

Spare yourself from all this madness with Webaround’s webcam background that’s equipped with a velcro strap that you can fasten it to your chair. It’s 52” in diameter, big enough to cover all the undesirable parts of your room. After use, you may simply fold and place it in its case or put in your backpack and take it everywhere you go.

Just a friendly reminder, though, this background is not enough reason not to clean your room.

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Webaround Background Hides All Your Mess for Videoconferencing
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