Something amazing happened late last week. Waverly, a company most haven’t even heard of, has decided to smash the language barrier once and for all with their new Pilot Translating Earphones. While it might sound like an idea which is too ambitious to ever become a reality, the company has put out an impressive product which could very well open up a whole new world of opportunity for you by translating language in real time.


While the product can only translate European-based Romantic and Germanic languages at the moment, the company plans to roll out their translation capabilities to other languages like Mandarin and Arabic. For those of you worrying about whether or not it’ll actually be useful without an internet connection — relax, Pilot Translating Earphones can function offline as to maximize their usefulness during actual travel.

You can find out more about the Pilot Translating Earphone as well as pre-order your own via the link below for $300.

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Waverly Labs' Pilot Translating Earphones Is The Ultimate Travel Gadget
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