“New,” “revolutionary”: They’re practically staple terms assigned to the majority of “new” and “innovative” household products. The only problem? There’s just nothing new or revolutionary about 95% of the thousands of household gimmicks that come out annually. Will the trendy-looking, spongy ‘Dish Nest’ contraption live up to the usual hype, though?

That said, we’re not here to plug the WAVE Dish Nest system (granted, though, maybe that’s inevitable to an extent). Though, the Dish Nest is actually much more than meets the eye. Not only does the little device – constructed of silicon and polypropylene – fold and contour to hang on to just about any type of kitchenware imaginable (except the kitchen sink itself, maybe?), it’s tactfully designed to absorb water, courtesy of the tiny lips along the edges, and an architecture that curves inward ever-so slightly.

And just in case you’re wondering, as far as we know, the WAVE Dish Nest system is in no way related to the, eh, not-so-revolutionary “ShamWOW.”


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WAVE Dish Nest System by Herbst
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