A pen is more than just a writing instrument — it’s a status symbol. All too many guys make the mistake of not investing in a pen which reflects not only their current position, but the position in society which they aspire to. Even still, many other men who do take an interest in pens end up purchasing tacky and overly ornate pens which betray a lack of confidence and an over-eagerness to show “good” taste. If you’re ready to show off your actually good taste then make sure you check out the Cosmos Pen. Its a Red Dot Award-winning pen that features a design based on the Golden Ratio all while being crafted from a solid block of aluminum. Wondering what it would look like if Jony Ive designed a pen? You’re looking at it.

The Kosmos also features a novel magnetic closure lets you open and close the pen with a simple motion, while also providing undeniable visual and tactile feedback on the current state of the pen itself. Compatible with any Parker-style G2 refill, you won’t ever need to track down proprietary ink refills on this bad boy. More below.

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Want To Know What A Jony Ive Designed Pen Would Look Like? Take A Gander At Kosmos
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