If you live in one of the handful of states which have decided to legalize cannabis then you might be tempted to grow your own bud. That being said, if you don’t have a green thumb then you’ll probably fail in your endeavor just like you failed to grow those tomatoes last summer. Luckily for you, one company has decided to make growing you own pot as easy as plug and play. Meet Leaf, a self-sustained growing closet which will continuously monitor your plant’s environments and automatically adjust growing conditions to optimize your plant’s growth.


Outfitted with advanced sensors which are capable of measuring everything from PH, to water/air temperature, and nutrient levels, Leaf also comes equipped with fans, growing lights, co2 pumps, and oxygen pumps allowing your plants to get everything they need without ever seeing the light of day. In fact, Leaf will even feed your plants automatically thanks to its ingenious cartridge-based feeding system which will remind you more of printer ink than of a bag of fertilizer.

Want to grow your own? Make sure to order your own Leaf today.

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Want To Grow Pot? Look No Further Than Leaf
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